Good Morning!

I wish every morning was like this. Up, showered, hair dried, face on, both kids fed, one of them napping, kitchen clean, bed made and sitting back chilling drinking java. By 7:30. This is such a rarity but man it feels good when it happens. It's like winning the lottery. OK not quite winning the lottery. But a similar feeling, one might imagine. Maybe it's just the happy crazy pills. I feel like doing a pirouette.

So my Lentil this year is to go to church every week and so far, for three weeks running, I've done it. I'm trying to teach Poops how to attend church quietly, which as you might imagine with a one (almost two) year old is quite the challenge. The first week was a disaster. Poops was wild and mini-Poops was letting out shrieks of hunger that sounded like we've never fed him before in his life. We had to leave before communion. Second week was better. We went to the Teen Life mass, the one where the band rocks out to Jesus. We sat near the band and Poops yelled, "Yayyyy!" and clapped every time the band ended a song (even after the Hallelujahs). He did really well, though. He learned how to do "praying hands" (which looks a little like 'washing hands' because he doesn't really keep them still) and he learned that when we're reading and the man on stage is talking, we have to be quiet because everyone wants to listen. Last night, he forgot some of this near the end of mass, but to his credit, the mass was extra long because we met all the people who will be making their confirmations at Easter. We made it exactly to communion but had to flee immediately after.

My very favorite moment of the whole mass was the first 20 minutes when he sat next to me in the pew with his hands folded, quietly, taking it all in and looking like he really understood what was being said. I put my arm around him and I closed my eyes for a minute and relished this moment, just me and my little son. I realized at that moment that he is depending on me, his mom, to help him down the road of life with all its bumps and turns. Me and him. On the road of life. Together. Then I got scared because I realized what a tall order that is, (what if I don't do it right? What if he ends up hating me? What if he needs therapy after the terrible botch job I did? What if I forget to teach him something, like manners or math or how to respect women?) But I looked at that intent little face with that little head that was soaking in this experience and an overwhelming wave of love washed over me and thought about how utterly honored I am that someone picked me to do this. Me. Yup. I'm up for it.


  1. days like that is truly like winning the lottery! i'm glad you're back into a good rhythm and blogging again. you have been missed.

  2. There can be no better mom than the one who sticks to it with her sons. You will be alright, so will they. That's why you are their mom.Don't forget their father us a big part of the lifes journey,be happy and content.....All of you...

    Love, Dad

    P.S great music...

  3. Awww.. we've been trying to get Elliot to be quiet in church for nearly a year. Most of the time N has to take him to the back of the church though, and occasionally I can still hear Elliot shouting 'BUS! ROUND AND ROUND!' or something. He'll get used to it eventually, I'm sure..

  4. Sounds like you are getting things back on track woman..I love days like that. When I can finally relax because everything is in order. Umm..not sure when I had one of those days last..but I know it is coming. I need it to come. Hurry and come.


  5. Woo hoo glad you're back. I've bookmarked your new site and I'll be back. Church with kids is always an experience but it does get better the more you go. Good luck!!!

  6. Can I visit this blog if I haven't givin birth? Sheesh? Hi Christie. Love, your favorite curmudgeon.

  7. It's scary to think we're in charge of these little beings isn't it? But you'll be fine and Poops and Mini Poops will grow up to be wonderful men. Just the fact that you worry about this shows what a wonderful mom you are.

    By the way, I love your music on the blog. I'm jamming to the Rogaine song :)


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