GOD It's gorgeous out.

Sorry, northern friends. But even though northern blood runs in my veins, today is why I enjoy Florida. Not in the sweltering summertime ridicu-heat, but today. Breezy, hovering somewhere around 80, no clouds, birds chirping, leaves swaying, flowers blooming, just beautiful. I am sitting on my back porch which is little more than a slab of concrete with a table on it, with my laptop, looking out into the open field where huge osprey have made a nest on a giant antenna, listening to nature and it is just so darned peaceful. Jealous?? Haha! Don't worry, I actually do miss driving in the snow, and seasons, and sweaters, and jackets, and cute scarves. I really do. I can't even believe I live in Florida, I am such a northern person. But my parents took us down here when I was 10 and I didn't have a say in it, and I guess it's ok because I did meet my husband at college here, which would mean that if I didn't live here, I'd have lived somewhere else, met someone else, and had someone else's kids. And I happen to like mine. Plus it's pretty out today. So in sum, I'm glad I am where I am.
Poops and I washed and hosed off the table, chairs, and all the cushions this morning where Fall and Winter had collected all over them. He was wearing pajamas and sandals but I soaked him anyway and we had a grand old time playing. (That's why the chairs are facing the sun with the cushions on wrong in the picture, they're sunning themselves).
And I'll veer off topic to Idol now, I have to say I was disappointed at my little David Archuleta this week, his performance made me feel like I was at a Christian Revival. I LURVED David Cook's Billy Jean. I had to watch the performances yesterday on the DVR because I missed it Tuesday, but my mom called me all excited about it. The Australian finally had his night. I loved him too. Almost everyone is good at this point, but here is my list of predictions for Idol casualties for the next couple weeks. And yes, I think America got it right last night.
-Christie Lee
It'll be interesting to see who goes beyond that! I love all of the rest of them!


  1. New York rules. You know you miss it! Love, The Curmudgeon.

  2. It's looking beautiful there. It's wonderful here as well - I'm in Tucson and THIS is why I'm ready to move back. Remind me of this in August when we DO move back here and I'm complaining.

    I totally agree on your Idol comments. David Archuleta's performance made me feel like I was at a feed the children concert in the park - half expected the audience to join in - it was just weird.


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