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The boys rocked it out this week! I wish I could say the same about the girls, but I retract my previous comment about liking almost none of the boys. David Archuleta, David Cook, and Jason Castro were my favorites of the night and I am a complete dork but I downloaded Jason Castro's performance from this week onto my I-Pod and David Archuleta's Imagine from last week. (In an unrelated story, Christie O. was also seen buying a shirt at Marshalls from the Junior's Section and downloading the Miley Cyrus song -- in an attempt to impersonate a 15-year-old high school student. Reports that she was the latest to have an identity crisis and was headed to rehab were rebuffed by her agent.)
The girls are just so-so. Why I like the guys so much this season is because they take risks and get totally creative with their songs. I actually liked Cook's rendition of Hello by Lionel Richie much better than the original (this one wasn't on I-Tunes yet for some reason, yes, I looked, so shoot me.) The girls are just blah like every other season. I don't even care to predict who's going home on the girls side.

My Idol predictions:

Poops waves bye bye to:
-LUKE! Please. I was so NOT surprised to see him performing Wham! Not one bit. And that's not a good thing. I was surprised he didn't do a snappy fingers ridicudance.
-Danny Noriega aka Jessica Alba. I'll save Chikezie for next week.

For girls, I think it'll be one of the blondes. I'm so luke warm on all of them anyway.

So Poops found his shadow this week when we went to the park to play soccer. I have to go because they're both screaming to get up from their naps, but needless to say, when Poops saw this dark figure chasing him all over the field, he freaked out and tried to hide in my legs. It was hilarious.

Chunky Monkey


  1. What great photos! Have I said already that I enjoy having you back?!

  2. He is SO big and so STINKING cute! OMG!
    Girl, Florida is so overrated...
    ha ha
    it was freezing COLD! :)


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