Good Morning, World! + Question of the day

Ahhh. 7:30 and I had a 30 minute run under my belt, a shower, and am all dressed and ready for the day. As much as I abhor that darned alarm clock, and I do hate it, getting that workout out of the way is a nice reward for it. But it's a struggle at first. I sit there in the darkness trying everything to get myself out of bed. My nice warm cozy bed. (After falling asleep once after pressing snooze). I say things to myself like, it is literally only one hour earlier than you'd get up anyway. Or no one else is going to workout for you. Or Do you know how many people are at the gym right now, already?? Or Chris Brown would get up early.

And see? It's done already! And I don't have to think about it for the rest of the day. Until tomorrow. WEIGH IN DAY! or rather GIVEAWAY DAY! That's a better way to look at it, right? We're a cup-half-full-blog here.

I am only getting up this early (Tuesday and Thursday) because I just don't have the energy to go when my husband gets home after running around with the kids all day. Plus, Mini eats at 4p, 6p, and 8p (last one of the night - I think he cluster feeds to gear up for that long stretch), so I would have to squeeze it in somewhere between one of his feedings, dinner, bathtime and bedtime, and well, that's just not gonna happen. Even the optimist knows that. The other days, my mother in law watches the kids for an hour while they're napping.

So here's today's question: What are you doing for exercise and how (on earth) do you fit it into your day?

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