Linguini Legs

OK I must have had a good leg workout because walking out of the gym was like walking with a pair of linguinis for legs-- although they look like ziti legs (the point of this whole thing, anyway). However, the later it gets in the day, the more they hurt, so I can't wait to see what they'll feel like tomorrow! (sarcasm).

I got me a fancy pink Ironman watch today to time my runs. OK, so they're more like run/walks right now, sue me. It's part of a training schedule called *cough* "From Couch to 5K". Although I have run a 5K before and this isn't my first rodeo as a runner, I feel like it is with my new post-baby body. Everything just seems different. I'm even shaped differently. So one has to start over somewhere, right? I can fantasize that I am actually an Ironman athlete with my fancy watch, using terms like interval workouts and weight training. Haha! I live in fantasy land.

This is my weekly schedule:
Monday: Legs/abs
Tuesday: Run/abs
Wednesday: Arms/abs
Thursday: Run/abs
Friday: Legs/abs
Saturday: Run/abs
Sunday: Off, and off from everything, working out, eating right, everything (this is where the Body for Life thing comes in)

I am actually switching Saturday and Sunday because Saturday is Poops' 2nd birthday. Can you believe that??!! 2nd! He's two! My gosh it was like yesterday. That is a whole nother post.

I don't know yet when to run tomorrow, will it be easier after my husband gets home from work and everything is chaos and I'm beat? Or at 5:45 in the morning before he goes to work. Both times actually completely suck and I am completely torn. As of this writing, I'm going in the morning, but when it's actually still dark out and I'm underneath all those covers and all comfy in my bed it might just be quite another story. (Broken alarm clock). When is your best time to work out?

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