Fat Ticker Friday!


Update: 4pm: Yay! My fat ticker is moving!
Weightloss this week: 2 pounds! That brings my grand total up to 7 since I had lost 5 pounds previous to this little program starting. I rewarded myself with a cute outfit for Poops' birthday party tomorrow.

How did you do this week? I did pretty good. I didn't touch ice cream or fast food (the ice cream part was very tough -- but I'll have it tomorrow at my son's birthday party). And I worked out hard (and ridiculously early).

Don't forget to sign the linky and leave a comment with your weightloss to enter the contest (again you don't have to put your actual weight, just pounds lost).

The deadline to sign the linky is 8 p.m. Eastern Time. I will announce the winner of the $25 I-Tunes Gift Card sometime after that. (Woohoo!)

**Remember: you must be participating in the weightloss challenge in order to be eligible and have a link to this contest on your blog. It is never too late to join, so tell your friends! We are doing this until June and there will be prizes each week (not to mention the reward of getting moving and shedding some pounds -- but who cares about that when there are prizes to be won!!)


  1. Ok, my post is up!! Thanks for doing this.

  2. I haven't posted my week's weight loss already but it's 1.1 lb.
    I'm going to post very soon, promised!!

    &hearts Sonny

  3. Okay, my post is up! Please hop over and leave a comment if you like to!

  4. Dang nab it.. I left the house at 740 this morning and just got home at 1115 tonight, so I missed out! Dang darn grrrr.


  5. I'm a little late joining but wanted to track my success so far. I'm down one pound! Check in with you all on Friday!

    Good luck!


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