Your fly is open

Yes, that would be mine. Fortunately, I am the only one who knew this, but I walked around most of the morning this way. It was a big deal for me to even have jeans on yesterday instead of my pajamas, so I look at it as the cup half full. I was completely down for the count yesterday. Poops got a cold (which spread to my mom) and then I got it, and thinking the worst of it was over on the weekend, it just pummeled me yesterday. I was grumpy, my nose was so runny I went through two boxes of tissues and had to start using a roll of toilet paper, I only bothered to put makeup on because the spa guy was coming over in the afternoon but my mascara was running down my face anyway and I looked like Alice Cooper, and of course, I look down and I'm walking around with my fly open. And thought to myself, I am a mess.

I feel bad for my kids though because we've been stuck in the house and Poops is going a little crazy. But I had not one ounce of energy, my body was achey and exhausted and my head was pounding and all I wanted to do all day was lay down. Not easy to do with a toddler who doesn't know the meaning of 'walk' anymore and does laps around the house at lightning speed, and an infant who still eats almost every two hours during the day.

So I thought, ok, in the afternoon we'll go outside into the backyard and the sunshine will be good for me and Poops will get outside and we'll blow bubbles. I'll put Mini in the bouncy seat and all I'll have to do is sit there. So that's what we did. "Side! Side!" Poops was yelling all happy when I said we were going outside. We had some fun outside. Toward the end of this little outing, Poops walked over to Mini, and shook the bouncy seat really hard -- I mean, mean look on his face, shaking -- he got about 3 shakes in before I swatted him off it and yelled at him (keep in mind I am sick and had a short fuse and was not a banner mommy). I told him to apologize to Mini and go inside the house, where he was crying and looking out at me through the sliding glass door.

That's when I realized my mistake. When I heard, "click". Yep. He just locked me out. And locked himself inside. This was my "Oh sh*t" moment of the day. I immediately started to panic. If he walks away from the door, I am screwed. No other doors to the house are open. In a calm voice, I said, "Open this door." And he did. THANK GOD! Here I am thinking "I'm going to teach you a lesson" when really he just taught me one! What a disaster it could've been, I can't even believe it. Man. And whew. I won't be doing that again.

So, briefly on the Idol topic (and yes, I feel much better today), I didn't really like the theme last night. Everyone was just so-so. I stand by my choice of casualties but after last night, I have changed my order. I think Ramiele will go tonight, then Kristy Lee, then Syesha. I have kind of a kin-ship liking to Kristy Lee because we share the same name (spelled differently -- I'm Christie Lee) and she reminds me a lot of Kerri Russell (Felicity) who I have always had kind of a girl-crush on. I used to be obsessed with that show because Felicity and I were in the same phase of life -- off to college, living in the dorms, all of that. Except that she was much smarter and skinnier and had much cooler hair (until that terrible mistake of a haircut she got -- which some would say ruined the show). But I digress. So as Randy would say, "It was just kind of ok to me". Is how I viewed last night. And I finally pinpointed who the Australian guy reminds me of. He reminds me of Val Kilmer playing Jim Morrison in the movie The Doors. I am waiting for him to sing "Light my fire" in the competition (I think he did a doors song in Hollywood? I'm not sure.) I am rambling now. I have to go de-germ my home now.


  1. I have that cold. I've had it for over a week and it's kicking my booty. I hope you feel better soon!!
    My older son locked me out twice (he was about Poops age). That's when we decided to stash an extra key outside. And yes, I've had to use it a few times.
    I don't know why they think it's funny to lock us out. I'm glad he opened the door for you. It is a heart stopping moment though, isn't it?

  2. What a day you had. Sorry that I was laughing when I read the Alice Cooper line!

    We got locked out Monday right after the horrible tornado weather in Missouri. I was out dumping the water filled sled and Abigale closed the door behind me. Thank goodness we have a key pad entry into our garage!

    Can't wait to see who goes home tonight on Idol.

    Love that you have the music on your sidebar.


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