Apparently I saw it coming

Call it an apparition, mother's instinct, (passion for redecorating) whatever.

But he did it. He got out. (Re: poll from last week about whether or not to ditch the crib).

Usually Poops luuurves him some sleep. He voluntarily takes his blankie, pops his thumb in his mouth and stands at the edge of the crib, actually wanting to get in. ("Seep!")

It takes him a few minutes of talking to his "friends" (Pooh, George, Froggy) and he's out like a light. At bedtime, his body clock is spot on. The eyes get druggy-drowsy-rolly-looking during the 7 o'clock hour and his head gets all bobbly. He's asleep before the first round of songs on his aquarium ends.

Other times, he's overtired, and he cries a little as we put him down and maybe plays for a few minutes, but always he falls right asleep. He's a good sleeper and a good napper. We're lucky that way. We were lucky that way.

For some reason, and completely uncharacteristically of him, Sunday afternoon we put him down for a nap like usual, just a tad early because we were hoping to go to a friend's house for an afternoon. He spent a while doing a whine-cry-combo -- not crying enough to go get him, just a low whine with an intermittant "Hi!" thrown in there. (He talks to the monitor.) But he was super-overtired (he was falling asleep in the cart at Wal-Mart) so I knew he was going to fall asleep soon, even though he was protesting. (You win this time, Sleep! But I'll get you next time! is how it goes.)

Then I hear it.

Thud. (followed by click of door opening.)

Hmm. I don't remember seeing husband going in there. I immediately get annoyed because I think my husband walked in there -- which could wake him up even more. (Later my husband tells me he was thinking, "Hmm. I don't remember hearing her get up and go in there" and was wondering why I did. -- which of course I didn't.)

As I rounded the corner of the kitchen to go into his room, I see a tiny head walking toward me and I realize this is it. He's figured it out. He flipped over the rail of the crib and got out. Great Scott we're in for it.

So we put him back in the crib (no climbing out of the crib -- you'll get hurt, it's sleepy time, look, all your friends are tired and are waiting for you...)

He falls asleep what seems like forever later (no crying, just hanging out and talking in there) and my husband leaves to have an afternoon with friends while I sat by watching Karate Kid II waiting for him to wake up which was hours later. No curry chicken for me at said friend's house. whine.

So what now? Now I get to think about painting? And new sheets and a new theme? Should I be excited about this? Is it big-boy-bed time? Why is this making me the slightest bit panicky and nauseous inside?

Is the start of another round of sleepless nights when we just got into a nice routine between the both of them? (Picturing a visitor in our room at 3 a.m., hearing the front door unlock at 5 a.m., little boy wandering around dark house in the middle of the night, looking for snacks, opening the fridge, waking up the baby -- my mind is wandering here and it is not good!)

I wasn't ready for this! Stomping feet. I was only beginning to think about this and for superficial selfish redecorating reasons only! I didn't really mean it! I take it back! I was just kidding!

Maybe it was a fluke. A one-time thing. Maybe he was just testing and he realized he can't get past the iron fist (yeah right.)

Sigh. Target had some pretty cool car sheets in the toddler bed section.



  1. Oh yea, they just move from one stage to another in an instant. Today it's sneaking out of the crib, tomorrow it's sneaking the car out of the garage. Where does it end?
    Have fun shopping for a new room theme!

  2. Ohmygoodness!!! That IS scary! Baby potentially up and around at 2am!

    Oh, and we were watching Karate Kid II on Sunday too!! I can always count on you!

  3. It's different in the dark..they aren't as apt to climb out when they know they won't be able to see. My friend actually bought one of those nets that go over the top of the crib and she would zip her baby in so he would stay put. I'm of the mindset not to fight it..just go with it. Sounds like he is ready for the change, even if mommy is not! :)

  4. David is still in the crib. I plan on keeping it that way for a minute. He hasn't tried to climb out. Thank goodness. He did once when he turned one, but hasn't tried it since.


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