Fat Ticker Friday!!!!!

Weeeeee! It's the Final Fat Ticker Friday before the grand finale of the Spring Into Summer Slimdown 2008! Can you believe it? Next week is my 5K. NEXT WEEK! Yikes. I am not sure I can handle it. My workout week has been all discomboblated this week. And I am headed out to Atlanta today to meet my best friend's baby, and somehow I am going to have to try and fit two runs in this weekend. I'd better or I'll really be hobbling across the finish line. Remember: up for grabs for most weight lost--a $50 Spa Gift Card to any spa. How did you do this week? Sign the linky! I'll update with my weightloss at some point soon. Happy FTF (fat ticker friday)!


  1. My "fat" loss Friday is up. Not that I lost any weight, but I feel healthy. That's a plus right? I also bought some cute summer clothes (hope hubby doesn't see the credit card bill. Ann Taylor gets me every time) and that makes me feel good too!

  2. Heh, my blog for last week will be up tonight. I am running behind once again. :sigh:


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