Idol Chatter: The Battle of the Davids

I called it in Hollywood! I knew Syesha would make the top 10 (at least!) But I really think as I've thought for a few weeks now that it'll be the battle of the Davids tonight. As you can tell this topic is really important to me.

It's down to this: Who's got the biggest fan club?

I agreed last night with the judges on pretty much everything. Like the first time David A. sang the word, "Boo". As in, "my boo." My face twitched like I just sucked on a sour lemon. It was just weird.

And the second song David C. sang, when it ended I thought, that's it? It felt completely unfinished.

Other than that, I have to say I haven't written that much about Idol this season because there was (sadly) not that much to make fun of! There was no Sanjaya or Justin Guarini or Constantine making love to the camera or beat boxing Blake Lewis, Elvira Overmyer, none of that. There are just plain old good singers. Really good singers. And who wants to hear recaps of really good singing? But I really do miss sitting on my couch eating ice cream and acting like the old-man-muppets-on-the-balcony. Instead, it's been me, sitting on the couch, eating a Body for Life bar and watching really good singing. Sigh. There is always next season.


  1. Is that show still on? I'm just kidding. Some seasons I'm totally watching with eyes glued, and other seasons I miss it all entirely. Can you guess which this time? I love your mad prediction skillz, tho', and I'll be keeping it in mind when I need to know how something will turn out ;)

    Oh, and your comment on my Tom, Dick and Harry post? Awesome. Your grandma sounds cool :)

  2. I knew in the end that it would come down to the two David's. Now I can't decide who I want to win.

    Best wishes to both, right!?

  3. I agree 100% with you on the Idol front. I just dread the end because without fail some site I go to will publish the winner without thinking about me over here in England and the fact I have to wait until Thursday and Friday to watch! Such is life.


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