Around the House

I, yes I, am at a loss for words today. Not for any reason. I'm just tired or something. So I was sorting through my photos of my crazy house. I like it here. So this is life in the crazy house. Just me and my three boys and two cats.
One of them in a tree.

And about to have his tail handed to him.

And then there's the self-portrait. The boy putting his "cool" face on.

And the other boy with his "happy" face on.
And the other boy, with his crazy-goggle-face on.

And of course, Superbaby. Have I mentioned he's crawling? Not the hands and knees kind. More like a Marine-in-the-mud-type of crawl. He gets places. It's impressive.
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  1. So adorable! Seeing these I realize that you don't post nearly enough picures - please post more pictures. :) Cute self-portrait shot.

  2. Wild cat! Cool face! And awesome superbabe!

  3. I'm sure you will be the fit one running the race. You are very motivated and you are focusing on the right thing. It's best not to focus on losing weight but have that happen as a side effect.

  4. oooohhh you have a crawler! way to go mini!!!! yay!!!!
    jennny from the block


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