By 8:30 in the morning I had a huge double scratch on my foot from where kitty launched off me and in a separate incident, while trying to remove him from bags of goodies in my bedroom, he did this triple toe-loop around in my arm, twisted himself around, extended his neck and bit my boob.

There are exactly two separate sets of teeth that are doing this to me right now. It's just not right.

The boob incident landed him in "timeout", in the guest bathroom to think about his behavior. There is not much in the world that actually makes me violent like a chomp like that.

Anyway, then the kids found him. I begged them not to release him quite yet, so they just played with cat arm. This went on for a good 1/2 hour.
Of course, just a short time later, when he was paroled, he climbed on top of the fake ficus, which slowly began to bend under kitty cat weight, down to the left, slowly, down, down, down, down until, crash.

Into the t.v.

And there was kitty cat stuck in a massive kitty heap betwixt the fake ficus branches. Serves him right. He was on my last nerve. But it's hard to hate kitty when he curls up on you and looks like this.

Bigfatbooger. Gets me every time.

In unrelated cat news, here's what happened when my mother-in-law forgot to knock.

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  1. Once in awhile I cackle a little when I read something, and this was one of those times. The cat arm through the door and that last shot, too. You crack me up. And I can *so* relate to how bad kitties can be but then how adorable right before you turn them into stew (OK, maybe just at my house there is discussion of cat stew). They have us totally trained. ;)

  2. I'm with you on this one. I have seen the kitty arm so many times and it is so hard to punish them when they are so cute. I was trying to clean last night and every time I walked through the living room Makenzee would run up and grab my legs and then run off trying to get me to run after him. He just didn't get it that I was busy and didn't want to play.

  3. Oh cats..
    I'm missing mine, but I doubt we ever go down that path again. We still are up two large dogs. Fortunately they can't stick their fat arms under our doors!

  4. Cute kitties! Glad the timeout worked for all of you (though I doubt any lessons were learned)!

    I miss mine - he stayed behind in the US when we moved to Mozambique. He used to wake us up every morning at sunrise by scratching on the bedroom door and drive us crazy . . .

  5. You gotta love cats, don't you? They're like children -- they're constantly getting into trouble, yet they're so adorable and cute that you love them anyways.

    I love the pic of the toliet cat -- I'd be scared walking into a bathroom with a cat staring me down like that!


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