Photo Shoot

After Aidan was born, I was in such a post-preemie stupor that I am not sure that it occurred to me to get professional pictures done. I guess it did, but I did a lot more staying home and hiding in the house than making pictures a priority. We took some Sears pictures around Christmas time when he was six months old, but other than that, I did all the picture taking. I took millions of them. But I wish I'd have let the pros do it. I kick myself now. I hope he'll understand.

I went to Carmen Wilson for my pregnancy photos, who I was beyond thrilled with. After we got them back, it was only fitting that if we were doing a book, we'd have the baby which was in my belly, in the book too. So we got his three month photos. We had our presentation of the photos last week, and I cried all the way through it. Sobbed, actually. I actually needed her to get me tissues.

I'm so sensitive to the birth of my little Ryan, as I've mentioned before, because he came to me at a time that I so feared pregnancy, after such a troubled pregnancy the first time around. And he not only went the whole 40 weeks, he almost made it to 41. It was like he was given to me to help me heal. I think that's more of why I cried. Here are some of the pictures. His eyes smile.

My babies' feet. I just love this picture more than anything in the world.

Thanks Carmen, for capturing these moments for us.
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  1. Those are incredibly sweet, and I love the feet, too. What a gorgeous family you all make. Really. And I love the whole black and white mood.

  2. What is it about babies' feet I wonder? Beautiful photos!

  3. Those are some absolutely gorgeous photographs, I bet you are so glad you had them done! Are you going to frame them and put them up in a prominent or favourite place in the house?

  4. The pictures are PERFECT! You have a beautiful family. I just love baby feet. So sweet!!

  5. love the pictures, too bad you will have to sell one of your children to pay for them! haahaa!

  6. His eyes are smiling! Love it. Those are fabulous pictures.


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