I am wearing my new black Candlebox wife beater right now. Right as we speak.

This $25 tank top was totally worth it. Even though the supposed size large is skin tight. (I ask you, Candlebox t-shirt people -- who are these size larges really made for? Dolls?) But I don't care. I finally have a Candlebox t-shirt that isn't a giant manshirt like the one I have from the 90s. And I never want to take it off.

I'm a complete dork.

And no, I didn't stake out my front row spot this year like I did last summer 8 months pregnant. It was at the same outdoor venue and I decided I just wanted to hang back and watch comfortably because anywhere you are you can see everything and you're not too far away. That's my favorite type of concert. Outdoors and close proximity. And I was totally in my element. When you're walking around in life, you can hardly find a Candlebox fan anywhere and in fact, people who do know Candlebox tend to laugh at you if you say that's your favorite band ever because favorite-band-evers are mostly bands like U2 or some ginormous larger-than-life band like that, so to be in a place surrounded by Candlebox fans who coincidentally are all pretty much my age (because Candlebox takes us back to a time where we dyed our hair purpley red, got our first tattoos and wore flannel and Doc Martens) was in a word, magical. I even think I heard my husband rocking out next to me but shh. Don't tell anyone.

Oh and the lead singer, Kevin, was wearing black pants with a white belt. I'm not really sure what that was about. But this isn't the first time, either. He brought the suspect white belt out last summer and I was curious about it because it was white belt and white shoes shining so bright in the moonlight. We were talking about crazy white belt at dinner and there it was again! Maybe it's his lucky belt. Who knows. But I guess when you're a rock star (even an older one) you can wear pretty much anything you want. I mean, Eddie Vedder was wearing tight white jeans when I saw him in concert a few weeks ago.

Anyway, I'm off to I-Tunes to download their new CD Into the Sun. I heard some of it last night and it was pretty good!! I'll let you know!

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time! How do you find the time and the babysitters to go to all these concerts? I would love to know your secret!!! We have tons a grandparents but they all have places to escape to on the weekends... trailer parks, cabins, and my dad has horses and alpaca's to take care of!!!


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