Oh. Migod.

I saw a recipe over at Wilson Six that's to die for. Actually, the picture was to die for. Then, when I was making it, what I saw in the bowl about halfway through making it was to die for. Then, when I ate it, it was totally to. die. for.

This is the type of meal that's my bag, baby.

It's called Summer Pasta with Tomatoes, Basil and Brie. Check out the recipe here, but the gist of it is this: angel hair pasta, garlic, basil, tomatoes, olive oil and yummy yummy brie. Basically you throw all the ingredients together and let them sit for a couple hours so their delicious flavors party together and marinate into heaven together, and then you dump your cooked pasta into the mix and voila! A meal made in heaven. I wish I could explain just how delicious this simple little pasta was. And it's actually a pretty healthy dish with all very healthy and fresh ingredients (although some would argue the brie ruins it calorie-wise, but I thoroughly believe a person needs some cheese in their diet, personally, and I have done just fine losing weight and keeping the cheese, so there.)

Anyway, yum. Thanks Jen!

And by the way, I'm totally detoxing and wagon again and reinstituting Fat Ticker Fridays, even before the next challenge because you guys are so right! I have no accountability right now and it's ruining me! Isn't it funny how weighing in each week keeps you on your p's and q's? I almost overdosed on fudge last week. I agree that death by fudge is probably the only appealing way to go, but I got kids who need me.


  1. SO glad you liked it!! My daughter thinks I should make this once a week!!

    My kitchen smelled so good while it was marinating.

    OFf topic...

    We got a Wii Fit this week and I love it. I have lost 2 pounds and I am motivated. I might have to join you this go around and actually stick with it!!!!

  2. Ooh, yes, that does sound fabulous! I recently discovered the joy of even just plain tomatoes on pasta, but dressing it up with yummy cheese and whatnot can't help but be fabulous!


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