Perfect End to a Perfect Day

I left a comment just a couple of weeks ago on Robin's blog about how one second your vacation is just starting and the next, you're packing up and headed home.

And MANNNN! It just happened to me! The week is already over! How unfair is that! I feel like I was just saying to my husband that I was so happy it was Sunday, because we still had the whole week ahead of us. But now it is Friday and it's over. It went by too quick.

We had a beautiful "staycation" though (that's the new term for a vacation close to home. Clever, huh?). And I did take approximately one billion pictures. If our staycation was a fireworks display, then this would be the grand finale:

The Sun Setting

The Sun Setting: two minutes later

The Sun has set.

Of course, after the sun has set, where do you go but to Kilwin's for ice cream and other bad sugary wonderfulness.

The most evil, evil sign in all of the world.

Subsequently, the most evil, evil display in all of the world. I am going to keep it to myself exactly how many slabs of fudge we have partaken in this staycation. The fact that they call it slabs should really be a red flag for me. But I will say that in the coming week, which I will call "the week of Detox", I will dedicate each workout to a particular meal-slash-sweet indiscretion.

Oh boy.

That will mean a lot of workouts.

A couple for fudge, one for the KFC, another for the pizza, the New York Strip, the sangria, the beer (or rather, the two trips to the Irish pub around the corner),
You know what? Who cares. It's the Summer of Me.

The winner of the Bebe au Lait nursing cover is flchen1! Congrats to you! Thank you everyone for stopping by! I had fun in this Bloggy Carnival!!! May all of us "modest mommies" stick together and nurse on!

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  1. I'd like to enter to win a fudge slab!


  2. Great pictures!!!

    Love the polka dot flip flops. I have three pairs of those, brown, pink and Red.

  3. Looks like an amazing time! And fudge is devilish . . .

  4. Girl, glad you had a great time! You may have to come and vaca in Ohio sometime! We have some extra beds here, we could go to Put In Bay and hit Cedar Point!
    Or maybe just a girls weekend away?
    Maybe we could meet half way sometime?
    vacations go so fast...
    hope you are thinking of scrapbooking those memories :)

  5. p.s.
    love your braids..I do the same thing often, much to the horror of my eight year old
    and of course, you KNOW I have those same flip flops...

  6. Wow, how crazy gorgeous all these pictures are! And you and your man are just adorable. Please email me a few slabs of fudge (fudge can be emailed, right?). ;)

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful staycation!

  8. Looks like you had a wonderful time on your staycation!!! Since the Summer of Me has ended I too have been indulging in way to many goodies!!!


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