Thursday Thirteen: Things that make me cry

I got all teary-eyed-and choked up Tuesday night coming home from the gym when I passed by a really bad accident and saw paramedics working on someone. As always, I prayed and I hope that person is ok even as we speak. Then as I kept driving I thought about a few other times I got choked up in the car and well, a Thursday Thirteen was born on the side of the road.

13 Things That Make Me Cry

1. Car crashes. The really bad kind.

2. Other people crying. Once I was sitting at a light and the girl in the car next to me was crying and I couldn't help it. I immediately burst into tears and could not compose myself. Of course, I was 9 months pregnant and well, I was a pile of complete mush by the 9th month -- but I likely would have cried anyway even un-pregnant. I still wonder what she was crying about. I wish I could have hugged her.

3. Daddy tears. Something happens to me when I see a man crying. Especially a daddy.

4. Songs. Oh God do I cry to songs. All the time. I cry to "Cherish" because it reminds me of my childhood. The millions of songs that remind me of my husband. "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" because it reminds me of when I was taking maternity photos while I was carrying Mini. "Please Come Home for Christmas" every year because it reminds me of the time I was crying in the Boston Market parking lot praying that my mom would come home from the hospital in time for Christmas.

5. Standing under a rainbow in the rain with my son.

6. The Olympics.

7. Labor.

8. When bad things happen to good people.

9. The thought of losing someone I love.

10. The thought of them losing me. And even more that they might forget me.

11. That Folgers coffee commercial when the kid in the military surprises his parents by coming home for Christmas and she runs down the stairs and yells, "Baby!" and bearhugs him. Gets me every time.

12. Great love stories. Like Romeo and Juliet. And Titanic. And the Notebook. Ghost. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants II.

13. Onions.

Haha! Had to end on a happy note!

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  1. Sad movies get to me, anything with kids, even Hallmark commercials . Good list.

  2. I'm crying just reading your list thinking about all of those things... I have that same kind of cry bone, and sappy commercials around the holidays tend to undo me. And onions, too. :)

  3. i cry even during action movies like armageddon lol happy TT!

  4. I can relate to the onions!

    And sad blog posts make me cry, too.

  5. You sound like me! Good thing I'm not alone. I'm often embarrassed about how many times I tear up in any given day, even though I hide it. From everyone. Wearing contacts is great, cause you can just blame the redness or watery-ness on them being dry or irritated :-)

    The accidents really get to me too. And yes, I pray for the really bad ones I see -- it hurts my heart every time I see one!

  6. I'm so glad you put in #13. I was nearly in tears just reading the first 12. You left out the one that gets me every time -- children singing partriotic songs.
    Have a great day (hopefully without tears) :)

  7. great list... and I'm right there with you. I'm often accused of being weepy... :)

  8. I'm pretty sappy myself and have been known to cry at commercials. The men crying thing always gets me too. Not the whiny Mamma's boy crying thing, but a man seriously moved to tears. There's just something about that. And songs? I saw Mamma Mia! twice and cried both times at the mother/daughter song. Sniff. Sniff.

    Great TT!

  9. I'm not playing this week, but man oh man do I cry at songs, too!

  10. LOL I love #13. I'm a cryer too.

  11. I feel the same way when I see a bad accident. Most people want to see all the gory details ... I turn my head the other way and pray everything is alright.


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