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First, guess what I got! (Sung to the tune of "nanny nanny boo boo".) Haha!

I FOUND A WII FIT! I have been searching for a WII Fit forever! And now I finally have one! I have been giving one to everyone else but me, so I deserve it! (I gave one to Dad for Father's Day and we gave one away in the last challenge...) The one I found long ago for my Dad was at a Georgia Target and there was one left. That was before I knew how cool it was. I have gone into Targets and Wal-Marts and Best Buys, just to check and see if they have one to no avail. But Saturday, I thought, hmm. Same Target I found the last one, lemme just check. (I was really feeling the Wii energy. Channeling it, if you will.) Because when I walked in and saw it, the lone Wii Fit on the shelf, shining, staring at me, I broke into a full-out sprint and yelled, "Can I have this!?" to the nearest ear of an electronics section dude. And so yay for me! Anyway, I am away this week in Georgia, so it may be a challenge to eat as well as I should, but I will repeat, WWBD WWBD WWBD. And I shall get through it. How you doin?

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  1. you suck! ha ha just kidding. i would LOVE a wii fit, but that requires a wii. don't have one of those either. *sigh* only in my dreams...nintendo? are you listening? read my post...i'm speaking to you, the nintendo gods. LOL

  2. LMAO! Once you have a Wii you can NEVER go back! Why can't I invent something like this??? The 1st time I ever played that thing it kicked my BUTT! I hurt for a week! I just might enjoy it more than the kids!!! Sneak out of the house in the middle of the night while the family is snug in their bed to buy a Wii then play it all night..morning... long and drop dead when your kids wake up! Oopss that was me!I can't find a Wii Fit either YOU are lucky Christie!

  3. that made me laugh...the image of you running excitedly.

    Id be doing that and THEN would have to convince the hubby we needed it.

    less the money and more that he knows me.

    that **I** would get it and use it diligently for a week and then it would gather dust.
    cant wait to see what you think.

    WWBD in Georgia? make the best best choices I could given my options.
    Id think creatively.

  4. So jealous!! I want one so bad. I was out voted in my house to get a wii, they got a PS3 instead.

  5. Oh how fun!!! I am trying to convince myself I will never use the thing but I am feeling the wanting coming on ;)

    I am having a great day, can't wait to blog about it when I have more time later!!

  6. I don't know what a Wii Fit is, but I definitely know the feeling of seeing something in the store I've been looking for FOREVER and finally getting it--it's the best!

  7. oh, i am so excited for you! hubs and i both have our 30th birthdays the week of christmas so that is our gift to ourselves. a wii plus a game for each. he is getting guitar hero and i am hopefully getting a wii fit! the wii fit is the only thing we haven't found to purchase. i tell you, just finding a wii was a challenge!!!

  8. So hip and I heard there a blast.

    The coffee is on.

  9. I agree you deserve a Wii fit for yourself! I heard they were cool but don't know much about it from a personal standpoint. Here was my salvation when I was in the south! Publix had great prepared healthy options. I mean where else in the south can you get brown rice sushi? Have a great trip! I am posting for sure Friday so I can be in it to win it! My pants are starting to get really loose on me so that is a good sign. What time do I need to sign in on Friday with the information? Have a great trip!


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