HFH: Humpday Chit Chat

We are worrying in the "O" house this week. It's been a tough week for the family. Besides taking care of business, I'm finding myself pouring into my workouts because of it. It is a good place of solitude. My head.

Monday was arms, yesterday was an hour of Wii Fit and a 2 mile run. Wednesday is legs, then to the hospital to visit my mom. If you have any prayers in you, we can sure use them. I know I'm being cryptic, I might share when it's all over.

Anyway, has anyone been out to the forum on Runner's Lounge that I set up for HFH? Is it better just to chat here? I think maybe. Let me know!

How are you doing this week???? Rocking your workouts? Needing some motivation? I have my eye on that "5 pounds gone" badge. Seriously. I am but 1.5 pounds away from it and I am keeping my fingers crossed bigtime. I'll be doing that "last chance" workout on Thursday, yes I will, just like Biggest Loser, which is on right now as I type this. Speaking of that, I had an "Aha!" moment while watching too, (anyone watching this?) The tip guy said: while shopping at the grocery store, shop the perimeter. I mean, duh! I never even thought of that -- produce is on one side, dairy's on the other, lean meats in the back, I never even thought of that but it's true. Thankfully while I'm wagon, that's where I typically stay for the bulk of our groceries anyway. But that's a really good way to look at it.

Anyway, I know, it's midweek on week three and this is the period when people start to either drop off or pick up the baton, and I really hope everyone sticks with me here. This is a long challenge, but it's on purpose because life changes take time! I hope this will help. I really do. And if you need an extra pick me up.. I made another badge, a WWBD! for everyone because this is what I think on the treadmill or while I am debating whether or not to lace up. So go ahead, spill it! How are you?

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  1. I'm staying on track, but that's just eating according to plan and walking with the work ladies.

    I understand being cryptic and about keeping certain things a little closer to the vest. I did the same to some degree when my dad was in the hospital. Some things I'll overshare while others I clam up to the point of undershare, if there is such a thing, because they are simply too close. All that said, I'm here if you want to chat, won't take it personally at all if you don't and meanwhile will be doing my equivalent of sending prayers in my own good thoughts kind of way to your mom. And to you, too. Hang in there. Wish there was a hug option on comments, one that really worked and would give you one.

  2. Hey girl, so fun to follow your progress on line :) I was thinking how you have really evolved into a force here in the blog world- I can say "I knew you when" :)
    No Heroes is not on my list, but there is a plan for that. We have the first and second season sitting on our shelf to watch..this will happen soon. We also fit this kind of crap in, watching a show on DVD so we can catch up with the current season. Nice. Get a life, right?
    ha ha

  3. I am watching this seasons Biggest Loser and I too caught that about shopping on the store's perimeter. I am definitely trying to do that. Today I am having an apple and cheese for breakfast and a chicken salad sandwich for lunch with grapes as a snack. Tonight will be some kind of lean meat and veggies. I think I've done pretty well this week but I feel like I'm holding water, so I'm worried about the scale on Friday.

    Keeping positive thoughts for your mom.

  4. Hey there! I've been mia, but still on track :) Lots of walking and sneaking in exercise when I can. Looking forward to seeing what the scales says on Friday. Do let us know what's up with your mom when you can - she's in my prayers.

  5. Wow... an hour of Wii Fit! I want one so bad!!!
    This has been a slow going week for me. Like you - lots of issues going on, but I have tons of prayers in me, so I'll send some your way!!!

  6. Yesterday was my AHA moment as well. I write myself a daily "to do" list so I'll stay on task - and not get sucked in to PC world too much. ;-) So I made myself a "to eat" list. So far I'm doing okay. I'm concerned about my weigh in so I'm trying to get my workouts in & stay on schedule for food intake - healthier stuff & small amounts every 2-3 hours. We'll see if it pays off on Friday. It's TOM so....

  7. I am doing so well this week! *tooting my own horn* At least with the exercise and water intake. My eating, well, not so much. Here's to hoping the scale is nice and I too can start wearing the 5 lb badge :) 2 pounds to go!

    Prayers sent up for mama!


  8. Yep, prayers for your mom and your family.

    Doing good, though not sure what the results will show on Friday. I don't think it will be a gain, though. It's that *lovely* time of the month around here, so I was up a pound as of yesterday, but today it was back down a pound. Corrective measures: I've cut back on the amount almonds and pistachios I'm eating...having some broth mid-morning so I don't get too hungry...drinking plenty of water...working out even though I don't feel like it...and I bought a new pair of running shoes (heavenly! And cheap! I do so love Target!) so I could bring my oldest pair to work for walking at lunch time. I've walked at least 30 minutes 2 of the 3 days this week, which has been getting my daily minutes back up to 60, which it was hitting more often in the summertime when I had more time in the morning to work out. (Yep, total badge-lust around here. ;-)

    Good luck everyone!!!


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