Wordless Wednesday: One. Two. Three: Bungeeeee!

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  1. ohhhhh so scary but so much fun!

    great WW!

  2. so cute! mixed emotions captured!

  3. Wow. He looks terrified in that second picture!

    But it looks like he decided it was fun after all.

  4. We are so going to have our son in one of those one day!!! As for hot for the holidays... i am so in it for the long haul... My workouts are weak this week... I did get my visitor and it is the first time since having the baby. Let's just say it has done nothing good for me... I'm either on the toilet or laying down because I am in so much pain... I am looking forward to next week when I can workout hard again.. until then OTR (on the rag) be gone!!!

  5. I watched "Biggest Loser" this week too! The treadmill scenes brought back memories of me almost falling off mine and Isabeau Miller telling me not to hold on as it cuts your calorie burn in half! I was probably the biggest resister of the "do not hold on rule" when I was at Fitcamp and had to be yelled at a lot to get out of this really bad habit that I had brought with me! At some points, I didn't really care about calorie burn.....I just wanted to stay on the treadmill and not end up on the side of it! Well, I never did fall off amazingly enough. I guess you really can do whatever be it staying on the treadmill, lifting weights or not eaitng something for________________insert time in the blank spot! I need to always remember that phrase as it applies to more than just eating or exercising!

    My workouts have been slim to none this week! I do get exercise walking around my new school but its not gonna be what I need. Next week is my week to make a commitment to my workouts no matter what happens! If not, its too easy to slip back!

    Gotta run. Hope everyone has a kick ass week! I will settle for not gaining anything this week!

  6. OOPS I posted to the wrong spot but your son is sooooooo cute! Sorry I posted to Wordless Wed spot!


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