Good morning fellow Strong A$$ Women!

The ups and downs continue on this rollercoaster we call "Hot for the Holidays" and I am now "over" my apparent weight gain for the week. Thank you very much for talking me down from the ledge. (I took the kiddo on a 3 mile run after my morning wallow and hopped right back up on that wagon. I would not have done that, nor would it have occurred to me to do so had it not been for your wonderful comments of support. That is why I love this challenge so much. Thank you.)

Anyhoo, enough about me! How did WE do?


40.4 pounds!!

Go us!! That's a couple of small children!

And we do have a biggest loser this week, one particular blogger who stood out from the crowd, who persevered, and quite literally if I must say so myself (just go on and read her post about her "Push It" moment of the week. But with a whopping 4.5 pounds lost, Shelley from Diaper Bag Diary, you are the biggest loser! Congratulations and take a bow!! You're the new owner of a shiny puffyhand badge!
Don't forget to head on over and pat her on the back!!

As per Mr. Random List generator --and if you're wondering, yes, I type in the allllllll the names of everyone who entered and let the random list generator do the picking -- it's magical! -- The winner of this week's prize, a Runner's Lounge tee and an autographed running book is Heather from Cool Zebras! Congratulations!! An e-mail is headed your way!

Congrats everyone for all your work, for pushing it when you thought you could push no more, and staying the course despite bumps in the road. Good luck this weekend! Stay STRONG!

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  1. I love your blog. And hoorah for the loss! Woohoo!

  2. That's huge! I got some new shoes yesterday, and I've been breaking them in around the house today :) Here's to a great week!


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