Motivation Monday

Sorry bout the late start! I flew in from D.C. last night after crying half the day in anticipation of leaving precious little Maddiejust in time to catch the very end of the American League playoffs, re: the Rays GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!



Sorry, Sox fans.

But that was a close one, wasn't it? That 7-nothing comeback that the Red Sox made over the weekend was one of the biggest comebacks EVER! And the single reason why I will never ever leave a baseball game early, by the way. All those people you saw walkin' up the steps and leaving the stadium when the score was 7-zip, missed their beloved Red Sox coming back and beating the Rays. Two words: A-Mazing. I'm a Rays fan and even I know that was something. The moral? It ain't over till it's over. And isn't that what it's about here? Digging your heels in until it's finished. Because every time you think it's over and you're in a deficit and you give up, you're missing your own happy ending. Your own big comeback. Your own big finish.

It's about choices. You can choose to quit. You can choose to give up. You can choose not doing the work. Or, you can choose to put in the time. Choose dedication. Choose finding the time. Choose making the time. Choose to plan. Choose to pick something healthy on the menu or avoid that restaurant altogether. Choose to surround yourself with heathy influences, including people. Choose to get outside and turn off the tv.

And by the way, your choices don't just impact you. They influence other people. Ever notice how when you've been working at getting healthy all of a sudden you see people around you getting a little healthier? When you take care of yourself, it makes other people want to do the same. That's a pretty big deal. This week, it's about taking care of yourself and influencing others. This Friday, we're going to do a little Show and Tell!

Show us something fun or helpful: tips, dvds, recipes, all of the above, one of the above, whatever, and tell us about it. What is your favorite healthy dish? What is your favorite workout in the whole world, or workout dvd (and why!) and/or favorite tips to motivate, or workout tools that you can't live without (sneakers, store, clothes, trinkets), absolutely anything goes for this, anything that any of us readers of your blogs can use to keep going or switch it up or anything! We need some variety in our lives and you can help us with that! So share! Share! Share! Share! And link it up so we can all read about it.

Now, for prize time!

This week's prize is a beautiful work of art, handmade by one of our wonderful participants, Sweet Mummy from It's OK to be Weird! She worked on this little project, and it's done for giveaway! It's a cross-stitch of a white orchid, matted, glassed, and all ready to hang up.
Isn't she pretty? I love orchids. One random winner will be the proud owner of this piece this Friday, so make sure you weigh in! Good luck this week!!
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  1. hi sweetcakes and welcome back!

    i love your motivational speech. tonight i'm choosing to going walking with superman and gus.

    my favorite workout right now is shimmy on fit-tv.

  2. I'm so excited! I just purchased your discipline necklace. I'm going to wear it everyday to keep myself in check.

  3. Hi Christie!

    I sent you an e-mail - just wanting to clarify my links. I do host the League of Pastors' Wives blog, but my MAIN blog, the bread-n-butter, my BABY, is over at It's OK to be WEIRD!. That's where all the fun happens! That's where I spend most of my time. Sorry for the mix-up! That blog isn't listed in my profile 'cuz it isn't a Blogger blog.

    Good luck to everybody this week! I can't wait to see where my little project will get sent!!

    ~ Sweet Mummy

  4. I need some disipline too! I need to pair up with a fellow motivator as its been really hard to be dedicated since starting this new job! I need to make working out an actual job that is scheduled into the week! I should have taken the job as a sub pool teacher! I would not have had to grade a thing and could have walked out the door at 3:00! Oh well, coulda, woulda, shoulda!

  5. Sorry everyone, If I sound frusterated, its because I am! Going to the gym feels like going somewhere special...kinda scary!


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