Motivation Monday

Good morning! Stay with me here because today's post is chock full of something or other. Like some bragging, some prize action, and a really fun HFH Halloweenieness.

First with the bragging (sorry!)

So I had a minor miscalculation. My runs on Sunday have started getting long. Like 5 miles long. These scare the crap out of me. So I and my wonderful math skills mapped out a 5 mile run for Sunday afternoon, a leisurely stroll at my somewhere-between-10-to-11-minute mile pace. And it's math because there are two trails that I run but one of them has no milemarkers, and the other one picks up about a quarter way through my route and does have milemarkers, so I have to add up and times by two if I go down and back and it all seems easy enough.

And the run takes me a while. Much longer than I had anticipated. And husband had the kids and was walking with them while I ran and he had to abort and drive around in the car with one restless and one screaming kid.

I see him drive by me twice and wave, which my mombrain and I know as I'm running means things are not going according to plan. But I truck along because I am almost done, I'm in the homestretch, my feet are starting to kill but I'm in the last half-mile and I pick up the pace and I finish. Woohoo! 5 miles!

So when I get home I do the math because I think I took a little longer than I should've, I find out of course that I did do the math wrong. I didn't run 5 miles. I ran almost 5 and a half MILES!! ME! 5 1/2 MILES! And I didn't want to die afterward! Of course it took me like an hour, but I ran for an hour straight, no stopping, hills and everything (yes, in flat Florida I found the one trail with hills) and made it the whole way! How proud of myself am I?! Me who could barely run one. Me who ran 4 miles once long long ago and almost passed out and never did it again. Me who wanted to die after that whole run-for-30-minutes-thing on the Couch to 5k program.

I'm on cloud 9! That means, that when the 10k Turkey Trot comes along, I'm actually going to be able to run and finish. Because it's only a 1/2 mile longer than what I did Sunday! All that running, day in and day out, actually starting to pay off. Of course, the true test is the final run, but I am falling over with giddy-girlie-excitability.

Sorry. I just had to share.

So now that I started with the boring stuff, I'll get to the fun stuff. This week we have another fun prize. If you didn't get to win a blog makeover the first time around, guess what? We have another bloggy artist among us who wants to give another lucky blogger a new look! Summer at Summer's Nook is also a blog designer, and you can check out her pretty works at Designs by Summer. The prize is one full blog redesign, the package of the winner's choosing! How cool is that!? Thanks Summer!!! Just make sure to leave a comment with your weigh-in results on Friday to be entered into the drawing.

Finally, Halloween is Friday! How much fun! So this week, we're gonna break from all the self-scrutiny and introspection and goal-making, and have a costume party! Everyone's invited!! This week's project is to take a picture of someone or something dressed up, kids, pets, pumpkins, whatever! And link it up so we can all come by! Happy Halloween this week! And good luck! Remember, if you must eat some candy -- go for it, but not the whole bag!!!!!

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  1. ok MADE ME SMILE MORE THAN KNOWING YOURE ON CLOUD NINE! (ok and the halloween thing. I LOVE dressing up and halloween is the one day people dont look askance at me :))

    have a great monday!


  2. WOW!! Great job -that is amazing! I am so jealous! ;o)

  3. my friend, the runner! im so proud of you.

  4. That is way fabulous. Go you!

  5. I agree that we need to reevaluate our goal... see I never stopped working out after the summer of me and I am pretty sure I lost the majority of what I wanted to lose!!! I think I can lose 8 more pounds in the next 4 weeks and that will put me 2 pounds more than I wanted to lose originally!!! I can't believe that in six short months I was able to take the baby weight off and then some!!! When this challenge is over I will definitely have to do a before and after picture!!! Thanks for all you inspiration!!! I couldn't have done it without all of you!!


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