Results + Weekend Chatter

Good morning losers!!

Haha! Remember when saying that was a bad thing? Our weightloss this week is:

27.04 POUNDS!

Congrats to us! Yes, you may notice it's slowing a bit but that's ok. That's to be expected. People hit plateaus, there are lulls and gains because of, well, life, and a few people have dropped out too, which made the number of people contributing to the giant fat ticker lower too. But not to worry. So, the moral of the story? Just keep swimming, swimming swimming....

We shall get to that 500 pound mark. We shall. Heck, we're just now approaching halfway through! We're on pace!! So stay with us here. Feel like dropping out? Don't. Because you know why? Then you're stuck going it on your own. And who wants this journey to be a lonely solitary one? Not me! So come on, stick it out! Take it one week at a time! On Fridays when you weigh-in, if it's been a rough week, just hit the "restart" button and yell, "Do over!" As my favorite funnyman the late Chris Farley once said, "Stay strong, little root!"
So, congratulations to all of us for what we've done so far. Because so far, losses or not, we've made a lifestyle change here or at the very least, we're on the way to changing our lifestyles.

Now onto fun stuff like prizes and badges!! (Notice my shiny 5 pounds gone badge on the side? Yep. That's me. I hit it. Did you??? Grab a badge, just click the WWBD on the left right there and you can copy and paste it, I put them all up on photobucket just for you!)

The winner of the $30 Barnes and Noble gift card sponsored by the wonderful Danielle at Alberts Family (have you gone over there yet and said, "Hi" yet? She lost a pound this week, go Danielle!) is:

LYNDA W. @ Life Rushes By

Congratulations! Emails are on the way!

As far as this week's Biggest Losers, it seems we've had some participants who've been under the weather this week which has been a major contributor to their weightloss. First, poor Dragonsinger had an emergency gallbladder surgery this week (yikes!!) and is recovering well so head on over there and say hi and send her healing thoughts! She reported an 8 pound loss this week because of the surgery so I guess she's a "cup half-full" type a gal like me!

Julie Myers at Myers Family Album lost 6 pounds this week! But she's been down and out with a terrible headache, so head over over there and say hi, too!

Finally, there were a couple of 3 pound losses reported this week, you guys rock!! They are: Rachelle at The Sparks Family, and Bikinime at Bikini Quest! Congratulations to you guys, and all of you get to have this little guy:

Congratulations to everyone, and come back Monday to see what the next prize is. Again, and I'll say it till I'm blue in the face, this is a long journey. Hang in here with us! We'll help you get there! It's all about safety in numbers! Feel free to sound off about this weekend, right here and right now!

Oh! And ps! Today is my sister's due date!!! Where are you, Maddie??????

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  1. I hope you saying hi to Maddie soon! Send a congrats to your sister from me!!! Thanks for all you support! YOU ROCK! I think you should give yourself the I ROCK icon for all you do!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Great post! Thanks for giving us the current results! I bet it´s a lot of work getting everything organized and ready for posting.
    But we really appreciate it!

    Have a great weekend as well!

  3. Great results - I was busy busy busy yesterday and didn't come in to tell you that I STAYED the same - so that's pretty convenient. LOL

  4. hmmmm, sorry for not commenting or blogging about the Hot for the Holidays thing. I haven't dropped out, am just in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment!!

    Hope to be back eventually, certainly once I get rid of this cold!!

  5. Congratulations to all who did well and I will be back in the game next week! If you had a meltdown anyone (I did) lets forget it and just start over! Next week is a new week! I am down! Goal: go grocey shopping, bring food daily and not eat processed junk!

  6. I'm just wanted to say THANKS to everyone for their support. I got on the scale this morning and lost 2 pounds. Now I realize this is water but I'm ok with that because it gives me hope. GO CORE PLAN. How dedicated am I to the Core Plan? I ate a steak tonight because it's on the core plan. I haven't eaten red meat in 20 years. Oh and I ate beans again for lunch. I'm so sorry for my family ;)

  7. OOPS... sorry, I haven't been checking in. Well, I lost 8 lbs last week, but it probably shouldn't count, because I'd been sick and it was water weight gain!

  8. Missed checking in this week, sorry. I hurt my knee and had to give up Turbo Kick, one of my favorite things in the world. I was feeling pretty down about it the other day (I blogged about it at

    Way to go to everyone who checked in, stayed accountable and lost weight. Keep up the great work.

    I am not able to workout for one week so hopefully by next Sat. I'll be able to get back with it. But I have to re-work my workout schedule to no longer include my Turbo Kick a few times a week. Sad, so sad!

    Hope ya'll have a happy Sunday!


  9. Well, I'll be darned! I never win anything! Yippee!

    Yay for all of us, though! 27 pounds is great!

  10. Good job to the losers!
    It's getting colder and thus harder to work out... we'll just have to keep at it!

  11. Congrats to you all!

    (And how is that sister of yours doing?!)

  12. I didn't get to post on Friday because I have been crazy busy with work and everything. I did not weigh on Friday either but I did this morning and it's not good. Exercise no, eating right no, weight gain Oh Yeah.

  13. Wow... Almost 28lbs! That's awesome!!


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