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Runner's Lounge is being pretty generous to our challenge -- they're donating not one, or two, but three prizes! Two of them we're giving away this week, a Runner's Lounge tee and an autographed running book.

I like them.

I found them when I was bloghopping one day when I just started getting into running and I have been a member ever since. There are a million things you can do on there-- like store your runs, chat with other runners --or with other people who are losing weight and not just running. You can find information about anything from running to buying a treadmill to finding good running songs. There are stories of inspiration and motivation which I can always use, and tips on nutrition.

It's pretty much the Mecca of running/slash/weight loss. Personally, I like the "Map My Run" feature, because I can go on there and plug in my start and finish points and know how far I'm running without driving it and zeroing out my odometer which is my usual way. And tedious.

If you get a chance, head on over and take a look around. They have giveaways too, which I always enter because I love free stuff. :) Also I set up a forum for us to chitchat if you wanna head there too for that, just click on "Connect with Runners" and plug in "HFH" as the forum you're looking for! Good luck on the drawing!!
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  1. I, too, really like the "Map my Run" feature of the Runner's Lounge. It'll save me from buying a GPS watch....well, for now anyway. :-)

  2. I'm here a little early with my weigh in oh I gain all my weight back.
    Add 1.5 pounds to your ticker.

    I blog today (10/2) about falling off the wagon.

    Coffee is on.


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