Saturday Results Show Completed Version

Good afternoon and welcome to the late addition of the Saturday results show. Oh, internet. Why oh why must you avoid me?? My internet was not working before I left for the horrid USF-Rutgers game this morning but it is now! Yes, USF lost, we left early because the score reached 30 something to something-teen and it was ugly.

And when I got home, internet was working, but the older little man had a 102.5 fever. What's up with that???!!!!

So, everything now in somewhat working order, the final tally was for this week:

15 pounds!
OK so this week is officially the slowest one so far. I can't speak for the rest of the group, but I know my personal loss has been slowing. When I'd lose two pounds a week, now I'll lose one about every other week on average. I know for me, to release this last 10 pounds from my body I must work extra hard. Hence, the vow renewal. We shall see how it all unfolds... I personally want my struggle with my weight to end in 2008. Once and for all. For 2009 to come and that last 10 pounds to be just a memory.

I have to make this a two-parter and post results a little later. Bear with me today... sorry!

* * *

OK I'm back. Boy. It's been quite a day. Poor Poops with his fever and terrible cough that just keeps getting worse. The boys were crawling all over me and reaching into the computer and trying to get piggy backs when I was posting the above so I had to shut er down for a few until bedtime. Now for prizes!!

The winner of the yummy Snow Geisha and brilliant to-go teacup diffuser is:

Lissa at The Anderson Clan!!! There should be an e-mail in your inbox right now!
Congrats to you!!
OK so let's talk Biggest Loser. This week poor Meg had herself a root canal-gone-bad. (I guess there's no such thing as a root canal-gone good, so let's just say this one was a root canal gone -really-bad.) The downside is she's only been eating oatmeal. The upside is the six pounds. Talk about a cup-half-full kinda gal! You deserve a foam finger just for gutting through all of that! Non-illness related, Seashore had the biggest loss this week, 3.6 pounds! Congrats to you!! Keep it up sister! Cheers to you both! Be sure to stop by and say hello to them this weekend!

Finally, if you hadn't stopped by Sanni's blog yet this weekend, you should! She's given all us HFHers all a little bloggy love!! A Kreativ Blogger award! Isn't that sweet?? Thanks Sanni!

I'll be passing it along this weekend myself! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Stay focused! Just a few weeks left! Thanks for renewing your vows with me! (I feel so special!) Now to decide if I should grab a pillow and blanket and go hunker down on the floor of the little boy's room because he keeps waking up and crying with these terrible coughing fits... Oh my poor boy!

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  1. I hope he feels better soon!!!! You have another award!!!

  2. Haha! Well, my 3.6 loss was really holiday weight quickly gained, quickly lost, but hey, I'll take it! Thanks!

  3. I'm down a pound. I've been a bad blogger and a bad HFH contributor over the last weeks. Sorry. (blushing) With the new job and out of town training, I'm in a bloggy funk/time funk.

    Got some catching up to do it looks like.


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