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Good morning everyone!

Despite all the Halloweenieness going on throughout the week (and I silently urge you to do what I did and put the remaining little bits of lusciousness in a ziplock and bring it to work or send it to work with your husband for all your/his coworkers to binge on instead of you-trust me, no good can come of it being in your house!) most of us still lost and that's awesome!

Our total for this week is:


That gives us exactly 4 weeks to lose the remaining 96.9 pounds. What do you think? Can we do it? We are certainly on pace to do it! If we continue to lose at least 25 pounds as a group each week, that is...

So I say, stay the course everyone, for the good of the group! WWBD!! I make the following vow to all of you:

-For the next 4 weeks, I will eat clean.
-Every time I want to sluff off a workout and/or a run, or I want to spontaneously stuff a donut in my piehole, I will think of this group and how it has pushed me to lose 8 pounds already in the challenge and how we have lost 400 pounds as a group. I will think of how I have lost 30 pounds since April by staying true to myself and making myself a priority (for once). I will think about how I am only a stone's throw away from the healthiest me I can be.
-I will make healthy meals and surround myself with healthy choices. That includes my son's 1st birthday party and Thanksgiving, (which is the day of my 10k by the way.)
-I will enjoy treats but only ones that I have planned in advance and in moderation, i.e. small slice of birthday cake at son's party, small slice of pie at Thanksgiving, etc..
-I will run three times a week and work out an additional three.
-Above all, I will not comfort and/or reward myself in food. (No "I deserve this." Because what I deserve is a healthythinnerhappier me. That stuff can wait.)
I will repeat my vows on Monday and that is next week's project for all of us. What will you do for yourself and the group? What are your vows? Let's renew them together. As Rose on Titanic said, "You jump, I jump, right?" That was the whole point of this challenge in the first place.

As for last week's fill in the blank, I mentioned that there was a part two...and by the way, I so loved everyone's answer! Everyone was so insightful, reading everyone's answers was so thought-provoking! If you get a chance to make the rounds and visit everyone, it'd be well worth the reading! Isn't it so interesting we can make our lives better with just one word? Some of the answers were time, confidence, motivation, energy, family time, perseverence, faith, and of course, money.

You told everyone, in so many words, (one, to be specific) what would make your life better. What you'll notice in everyone's answer was that nowhere, anywhere, was there a mention of a material thing (and I don't count money because more money could also be synonymous with stress-relief, problem solving, debt relief, etc and I'm pretty sure more of it would make most people's lives easier especially at this time in our country). Specifically, nowhere, was there a mention of more food. More candy. More calories. More fat.


Believe it or not, that stuff is not important to you!!! No matter how much we think it may be important in our immediate life, food is not the priority in your life. More time with your family, more motivation, more perseverence, more self-confidence -- these are the things that are important to you. These are what this challenge is really about. Finding and creating your own reality and healthy you. All of which can be achieved and attained! Dare I say it, without food! Or at least crappy food.

That's my little rant. Feel free to discuss here today.

Meantime, the winner of this week's prize, the book "Living Beauty" by Bobbi Brown, sponsored by Laura at Adventures in Juggling who incidentally lost three pounds this week, three! Yay for you!! But I'm getting sidetracked... this week's winner is:
Congratulations, girl!! An e-mail is on its way.

And the biggest loser this week is:
Lynda W. at Life Rushes By with 4 Pounds!!! Woohoo! Shiny new badge for you!

Have a great weekend! Stick to it, girls!!! We're in the homestretch! 96.9 pounds left! Let's do this!
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  1. I was traveling yesterday and didn't get a chance to log on ... I lost 1.5 ... So add that to the tally!!!!

  2. great rant! i am excited to go and read everyone's answers. i couldn't pick just one thing for my answer so i didn't play (plus i have a sick kid)...but i kept thinking with more money, i could create more quality time with my kids (because i could hire someone to clean, do laundry, etc). oh well, guess i will continue to make those things quality time with my kids... right now they are still little and enjoy helping me with those things!

  3. Congrats to all on the losses!!! I will be sure to read what would make lifes better!!! That was a great question. I am already thinking about this weeks question!!!

  4. I'll try to be good too. No more Halloween candy for me!

  5. This is definately attainable. I know we can all do it!!!

  6. Thanks for making us realize what is really important! Great incentive!

  7. you are such a motivator.

    in arenas you dont even realize (glances at her bracelet which CARRIED HER THROUGH the weekend)


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