Why I love this election (HFH post below)

Why I Love This Election by Christie O.

I love this election not just because of who's running, but because of the fire it's igniting. How the millions of people in our country want in on this process. Finally. How scores of people who have never wanted in on this process finally do. It's not that they now have a say. Now they want a say. Just this morning, I spoke to a woman much older than I, who admitted she'd never voted in any election. Until today. Because it's that big of a deal. An African American president or a female vice president and a country at a precipice, struggling to maintain stronghold. And today's decision could, will, make a difference.

I love this election because it's forcing people to think. People who have always voted one way are deciding to vote another. People are leaving their parties. People are re-committing to their parties. Party lines are blurred. Party lines are distinct. The divisiveness. The togetherness. People who have never voted before are voting. The rules are different this time around. It's history in the making and we are all a part of it.

I love this election because of the passion it is fueling. The long lines of voters it's creating. The outspokenness it's causing.

I love this election because, for the first time, there may actually be more people voting for president than the next American Idol.

I, too, care very much who is elected today, but for me, here is not the platform for that. It's about your voice and your vote. Yours and mine. No matter who you vote for, please take the time to vote. But I probably don't even have to say that because chances are, you already did. That's why I love this election. And you may think I'm nuts, but take the kids. My two-year-old loved being a part of the process too.
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  1. I love every word you said!!! I reside in Canada now, but I still care just as much about my own country!!! I Voted!

  2. Great post! We voted this morning and we took the 2 that went to the school we voted at. They are totally in to it!

  3. Very well put. We live in an exciting time, and I love seeing all the participation, even if I think about half of us are voting wrong. ;) I'm grateful we do vote by mail here so that I could really take my time to read, research, relax and fill in circles as I went and then just drop off the ballot with no lines. Whoever wins, I hope that we can start healing. As exciting as it has been, the election has gone on too long and become too divisive. It's time to come together and to shine proud. That's what Americans do. And we vote. And I'm grateful.

  4. I couldn't have said it better.

    History was just made. I have chills.

  5. yep yep yep.

    I just hope we can all rally behind President elect Obama.

    no matter for whom we--the royal-- voted...


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