You'd think that by now my legs would have had some exercise on their side. Just a little. I mean, after all the weights and the running these past few months, wouldn't that count for something?

So why on earth do I feel like I've not moved an inch in years and my legs are in so much pain like I did squats for 60 minutes straight?

Oh, right. Because I did. I'm wondering all day why my legs feel like they're going to fly out from under me any second and why they're like rubber like I just got off a cruise around the world and I realize that last night in the playoff game (that we sadly lost), I played catcher (where I normally play right field). So there I was, for an hour, up down, up down, up down, up down.

And man, am I feeling it today! If I sit too long, they get all stiff and I have to get the oilcan.

I guess that means I still have some work to do.
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  1. I loooooove being sore from new exercise things.

    the reminder of muscles I have and dont use in my traditional workouts.



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