Motivation Monday, the Series Finale

Is it really already December???? Seriously??????

This is the last week of Hot for the Holidays! I'm listening to Christmas music, we're getting a tree on Tuesday, the holidays are in the air, it must be true that the holidays must be here already!

I just can't believe it.

I'm almost as choked up as I was about my son's first birthday! Oh how I hate goodbyes. But I hope it won't be goodbye. I hope that you'll stay with me. I still have some work to do and I hope you'll help me and vice versa. I'm so proud of all those wonderful milestones I've watched everyone reach. 5 pounds, 10 pounds, even 15 POUNDS, every single victory no matter how large or small was a wonderful victory!!! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!!!

This week, I have so much to say I can't even keep a straight thought in my head!! Where to start, where to start! Let's start first with prizes. I know at the beginning I said that there would be one grand prize. But we ended up having A LOT of prizes and sponsors, so I was able to save quite a few of them for the end!!! There will be 5 prizes up for grabs this week! 5!!! And I will announce them on Wednesday. The "grand prize" will go to the first randomly drawn name. That person will have had to weigh in almost every week (10 times to be exact) throughout the challenge and I will go back and count to make sure. But there will be four other prizes to anyone who is drawn who weighs in on Friday with their Final Results.

**When you weigh in this Friday, make sure you have this week's loss, as well as the final tally for the whole challenge. (Show it off, baby!!)**

Oh and guess what? Everyone who weighs in, and yes, EVERYONE will walk away with something!! Because I have a little something up my sleeve and I will share that on Wednesday too. It's just a little something for you to take away from this challenge so you can continue on to meet your goals. Even if you haven't weighed in since October, if you weigh in on Friday, you can get one of these little ditties. Because I don't care if you were most dedicated or least dedicated, I know that you can do this one day when you have that final epiphany. Maybe you weren't quite ready this time around, but I know you will be. And you'll do it. I have faith in you.

OK Second, is this week's challenge. And it's two-fold. First, let's show our before and afters. On Friday, link it up and post a before-challenge, after-challenge photo. And, since it is the last week, I also challenge you to lose at least one pound. Everyone. Me, you, you too over there, and you hiding in the corner.... Let's eek out one more pound, everyone! More would be nice, but one is fabulous too! Just one! (I wonder if it's possible to have a week with all losses!Hmmm. Interesting!)

Today, I'm beginning my Hal Higdon's Half-Marathon training for dummies novices program. I am actually going to try (key word being "try") to train for a half-marathon. We have a really big one here in March, and gosh darn it, I'm gonna try for it. Of course, I'll need some help... and that's where the next version of HFH comes in. Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful wonderful week everyone!!!

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  1. I know I didn't start out with you guys at the beginning (b/c I didn't know you existed!!), but I am so glad that I have found you now!!! I hate goodbye's too so I am sure that I will be stalking you after Friday and see your process as you train for your 1/2 marathon. Not sure about the pics of before/after....that is SCARY!!!!
    My new goal is to lose 10lbs by Christmas. That is going to take major movin' my butt and shutting my mouth, so I started today by doing the Biggest Loser Cardio dvd AND walking a mile!!!! Wouldn't it be nice to not look like a beached whale at the beach this summer?
    Thanks for organizing and all you have done Christie!!!

  2. Even if I fell off the wagon, I'm so glad that you did this! I might be, um, unavailable, for weigh in on Friday, but I will try. :)

  3. Thanks for another fun weight loss challenge. I'm shooting for that 1 pound this week (even if it is PMS week).

  4. I am going to lose that one pound this week! Yes I am!

  5. I don't think I have any before pics but I'll look! Thanks for doing this, it has been helpful for me.

  6. I completely and totally fell off the wagon here with my job training and craziness that is my life lately. I'm not home Fri am's now, so I don't have a scale to weigh in unfortunately.

    I've been holding steady at my total weight loss of 3lbs so far, and I was hoping to hit -5, but not sure if I can pull it out this week.

    Hopefully, once I'm back home for good in Jan I can better participate.

    Thanks for the continued inspiration Christie!! You and the others here ROCK!

  7. I'm curious to see what you have up your sleeve regarding the next edition to HFH...I'm in need of some *serious* motivation for my 1/2 marathon (in 10 weeks).

    As I've said before, this has been an awesome challenge to be a part's been a great accountability partner. ;-)

    I'm more than striving to get that 1 pound this week...I'm really hoping to shed the 2 that I gained last week....and 5 by Christmas (I started 2 weeks later than everyone else).

    Sad to see the end...but excited to see what it looks like (total weight loss, biggest loser, etc).

  8. First I want to say that I have missed you all so much!!! My internet connection has gone bad yet again and I have been unable to use my computer at home!!!! This is very frustrating for me and to top it all off I think I may have possibly torn the meniscus in my right knee. I haven't worked out since Thanksgiving day and it's killing me!!! I did not lose any weight last week but I didn't gain either!!! Hopefully, I will not gain this week!!! I am going to test the old knee on the elliptical today! Wish me luck and hopefully I will have my life line back at home soon! Don't count me out of the weigh ins!!! Thanks


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