OOOOh I love me some prizes! I told you prizes were comin!

So here we go. The big prize that will go to a random winner who has weighed in throughout this challenge at least 10 times will get TWO prizes, (yes, two!!) which are:

A $50 Gift Card from Victoria's Secret sponsored by Lissa of The Anderson Clan so you can buy some sexywear for that hot new bod...
AND A SPIBelt, sponsored by Runner's Lounge. A SPIBelt is short for "Small Personal Items" Belt, and it's a must-have for any outdoor exercise. It's revolutionary as far as its lightweightness and the amount of stuff you can fit in it, and its maker, a brilliant female athlete, was featured on Donny Deutsch not too long ago, I saw it. I love this thing! (I want one myself!!)
There are three more prizes up for grabs, which will go to three random winners who weigh in on Friday:
-the book "Send Yourself Roses" by Kathleen Turner
-the book, "How Not To Look Old" by Charla Krupp - fast and effortless ways to look 10 years younger, 10 pounds lighter, 10 times better, both books sponsored by Laura at Adventures in Juggling
-a necklace or bracelet from my Etsy shop

And finally, everyone who participated in this challenge at any point whatsoever will get a cute little baby blue silicone bracelet with the message, "Strength, Focus, Discipline"engraved in it. I hope that you carry it with you when you continue your journey because no matter where you are, the beginning, the middle, or the last few, it's something we all can use and remember in our lives. So that's my little present to you. I hope you like it!

This week's challenge is to lose one pound (or more!) but at the very least, one!! Everyone! And to show off your hot new bod by posting some "before" and "after" photos on Friday for the finale!!

Lastly, don't forget to comment here with both your weigh in and your total weight lost throughout the challenge!!!
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  1. I so hope my home connection is working by Friday!!!! Thank you again for all of the motivation you have given me!!!
    I tried to work out yesterday even with my bum knee and it was tolerable!!! I will be back on the elliptical today!!!

  2. Seriously, you are awesome! I would LOVE to win the gift card to Victoria's Secret. Do you know I've never bought ANYTHING there? It all costs too much for me to justify... so maybe this is my chance!

    I would also love to win a necklace or bracelet from your shop!

    But if nothing else, I will get a lovely motivational bracelet which I will wear proudly as I cycle my way to fitness.

  3. Just wanted to say that I really appreciate you hosting this Hot For the Holidays "motivation fest"! You are "da bomb" Christie! I really appreciate your giving spirit!

  4. Holy cow your awesome! Like Honey Mommy said I would also love to win that prize. I haven't bought anything from Victoria Secret since I was in college. Things change once you have kids!

    I cheated this week and weighed yesterday and lets say i'm happy so far! can't wait until tomorrow.

    do you have anything up your sleves for another challenge?


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