The Year of 31:49

I ran my final 5k of the year this year on Saturday, called the MADD Dash.
It started out rough. My I-Pod malfunctioned right at the start. My sunglasses kept fogging up. I started cramping up really early. I was huffing and puffing. There were way fewer runners than I have ever run with in a 5k before and it was the first time I thought that if I didn't motor it, I could theoretically come in dead last. I was scared. And people were passing me left and right.

I thought to myself, "Oh well. Everyone has a bad race in their life sometime."

But I kept pace. For the first time, I ran with my mind completely blank. I just ran. I looked at the pretty leaves, I paid attention to my feet and my steps and my breathing but I didn't think about anything.

I rounded the first mile at 10:15 which was a huge first for this 12 minute-miler. And it renewed me. When my feet wanted to slow down I said no. I rounded the second mile at 21-something and I was disappointed because I thought my 30 minute 5k was now out of reach. So I picked it up. I was huffing and puffing now.

Then I saw the two kids who were obnoxiously cheering people on around the 2nd mile which meant I was approaching the final stretch. So I said, "Legs, don't fail me now." And I picked it up. And by now I am almost sprinting because yes, I did pass the 30 minute mark but with 2/10ths of a mile left I could still make the 31's. And I ran my heart out and made it across with a time of 31:49.


I never want to erase my watch ever ever ever!!! This is huge for me!!!

My last 5k in September was 35-something!!! WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!

Not to mention the fact that after I posted my time, I found out I won the raffle too!! I never win anything!! Yes! I have countless giveaways on my blog but I never win anything!!!!!! I won a gift certificate to a running store!!! I want to put an exclamation mark here! And here! And another over here! I want to have exclamation marks everywhere!!
!!!!!! and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So it started out shakey but the race was actually my best one yet and I'm just happy that I can finish out the year on this wonderful high note. It gives me renewed resolve for the year ahead and I'm excited to do this same post next year, I wonder what will be in it and what will have happened. We shall see. So, to everyone, a wonderful healthy and happy New Year ahead. May you reach all of your goals!!!

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  1. Christie - EXCELLENT job! I'll add a few more exclamation points just for you!!! ;-)

  2. Way to go Christie! I am so proud of you!

  3. Good for you! Awesome race!

    I gave you an award. Come on over and pick it up!

    You've because you've really inspired me to get off my duff and do something. I'm so glad I found your blog. You are very encouraging. And I appreciate the accountability.

  4. Awesome race, Christie! Here are some more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I'm so very thrilled for you! Can I be proud of you, too? As someone who has been following your progress? OK, good, then I'm proud of you. That is really just awesome.

  6. That is rockin' awesome Christie!! You should definately be proud of yourself!!

  7. Awesome job Christie!!!! You go girl!!!!

  8. By the way, I meant to tell you that I gave you an award! Stop by and check it out... I'm sure you already have this but I think you deserve two!!!!

  9. Congratulations! Way to go. I marvel at anyone who likes to run!

  10. **cue confetti shaped like your ironman watch**

  11. Way to push yourself...congratulations on a run well done!!!! For someone who considers herself not much of a runner, you sure have turned into one. ;-)

  12. Congrats on your final 5k of 2008. That's a wonderful picture of you!

    Happy new year!

  13. Great job!! I got my bracelets in the mail - thank you!

  14. That's awesome girl!! I'm so happy for you. You are spurring me on and making me think about doing a 5K this spring. I'll have to really think about it.


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