Fat Ticker Friday

Hi guys! The week was good, got most of my workouts in, although I had to double up on them for a couple of days, so we'll see how it translates to the scale around 8 in the morning .
Results: Up one. Bugger.
Next week: More of something and everything.

Got a 10k tomorrow morning, it's the last race scheduled in Hal Higdon's lovely half-marathon training schedule. I'm a little excited about it because my hubby and I ran 6 miles on Sunday and we had shaved about 6 minutes off the time from the Turkey Trot, so I'm psyched to see what happens tomorrow officially. It's on the beach, but it will be 40 degrees and windy so not as gorgeous as we had originally hoped, but all you northerners are probably cursing me anyway because of your below zeroes! I know, I know. Anyway, after this week the runs get to be 7 miles and 8 miles and 9 miles and then 10 miles. Can you imagine that? Me running 7 miles? And then even more than that? This is where it gets interesting and I can't wait to write about it. I have decided that the next stop after the half-marathon is going to be a triathlon. If I make it through these runs, that is. But I'm already excited about it and have begun searching for a training schedule. Anyone have one? I'm really really really excited! I don't think I'm feeling the full marathon quite yet...

Anyway, I haven't been around that much this week as you've probably noticed and I'm sorry for that. I'll write about it later, but the moral of the story is, LOCK UP YOUR MEDICINE CABINETS! BABYPROOF AND THEN BABYPROOF AGAIN! Yes, I know, big teaser. Everyone is ok, but we've had a bit of a scare here and I'm still a little shaken up about it even though it happened on Monday. Everything is ok though.

On the lighter note, how did you do? How is the training going??? Give me a little pick me up if you got it, I could use it.

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  1. I'm so proud of're doing AWESOME!!! And you have the hubby on board, too, that's great! Are you enjoying yourself?

    Sorry to hear about your *teeny, tiny* weight gain, but I KNOW that you're building muscle with all of the working out that you're doing.

    Glad to hear that everyone is okay...I really was beginning to worry since we hadn't heard from you all week. Babies and medicine cabinets can definitely be a scary thing.

  2. Weight gain at this point and what you are doing in regards to workouts is turning your fat into muscle......but I know how it feels when you just want the number to go down!!!!
    I will ask my uncle about a training schedule for 1/2 marathons and marathons.......I call him a freak because he runs all of the time. He has been running marathons for years and is 55....he is in great shape!!!
    Glad to hear everyone is doing fine. My cousin just had a scare with her little guy and a cascade packet. Those kinds of scares aren't fun!!!

  3. I too and proud of you! And a little jealous...gosh I so wish I was running. Running on a treadmill, running a track, running along side your beaches, just running!!!! Anyway, I am glad to here that everything is okay at the homefront. I'll check back later to know what I should do about baby proofing.

  4. I'm up 1.5 pounds. :-( Not a great week. Here's to a great next week for both of us!

  5. Thanks for stopping by - I know I'm in a blogging slump. I'll be back but nothing exciting is coming to me lately.

  6. I lost 0.8 this week. And I'm still on track for the knee pushups!

  7. I thougth of you today with your
    10K. You go girl.

    I hope everyone is doing better. I had a kid like that, my middle one. Holy Crap he got into EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME!!! He's almost 15 now. And I am amazed he has made it this far. ;)


  8. Whew! Glad everyone's scary!

    Also, hope the 10k went well! Someday, perhaps...I'm still on 5Ks.

    The past week was a doozy personally and professionally (family emergency + big deadline = major stress). Got in only one run this past week, but got to swim one day and got to do week #2 of BodyPump...happy to say that I was not nearly as sore! Also got to bike with my little girl one morning; sometimes kid time and setting a good fitness example trumps a thorough cardio session. Down 2 pounds.

  9. Wow, I'm so impressed with all of your goals! Seriously, that is awesome!

    Glad everyone is OK after the scare, too. Sounds like some not so fun moments.


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