One Week Out

It's hard to write about running when the Oscars are on! I love the red carpet! I love dresses! I didn't see any of the movies that are nominated, not one single one. I didn't even try. Isn't that sad? I really want to see Slumdog Millionaire though.

I'm so distracted right now but I'll get this out quickly. The half-marathon is less than one week away. That's it! One! One week!

I'm scared.

We ran our final long run today, the big 10 miler. TEN. 10. My legs are kind of on fire, I sat in the bathtub for a while in the hot hot water, but overall the run was good. And we had a strong finish so I know we will be able to run this next week. I wasn't sure going into it if we were ready, but I think we just might be afterall.

As I was sitting in the bathtub, stretching my legs out, listening to the water droplets hit the water (drip....drip......drip....) and the world going on outside, the motorcycle driving by, the television in the living room, the little voices in the monitor, I was thinking about how the human body both amazes and confuses me.

And I, as I so often do, began compiling the blog post in my head. And I was going to launch into this big overture here about what I was thinking. But instead I'll give you the short version: something like, how it will lose weight for months, but then all of a sudden not. Or how it will fail to carry me to a full pregnancy but then find a way to run a distance of ten miles (or more). Or how it will then decide that it will carry my through a whole 41 weeks of pregnancy, but then tear a cartilage while doing something simple, like kneeling on the floor of my closet. See? Confusing.

Anyway, instead of a great big long blog post about that in some form of speech with fancy wording I'll just give you this. When I sat down after the bath, all wet-haired and robed and relaxed and deep-thoughted, I started relaying my deep-thoughts to my husband, "You know, the human body both amazes and confuses me."

And he said, with phone in hand already dialing, "Can I order wings first? This sounds like a long one."

Love it.

* * *

In other news, tomorrow there's a prize announcement in the Quest for Greatness. So come back. Hope you had a great weekend! Gonna watch the Oscars now and try not to fall asleep before the end.
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  1. Your hubby's response is a crack-up!!!

  2. **sigh** I love mamahood but WHO KNEW IT WOULD SO INTRUDE ON MY RED CARPET TIME :)

    off to catch up on what I missed...

  3. Wow! You will do great, I know it! I'm so proud of you!

  4. I can't believe the BIG run is just a week away! Your are going to do awesome! And don't you worry about those last 3.1'll be on such a high, adrenaline will carry you to the finish. You'll be amazed with yourself once you cross over that finish line. I'm so proud of you for reaching your goal!!!! Woohoo!

    PS. Take some time to "walk it off" afterwards...keep the soreness from hitting hard.


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