iheartfaces: no flash!!

It kills me. It really does. My kids love to play in the curtains. And I have a love-hate relationship with this. I love it because they are so cute when they're in the curtains. They pretend it's their long flowy hair, they make shadows behind them and when there's bedhead involved, it's hilarious. They play peek-a-boo... But then there's the pulling and the yanking and the curtains have fallen down more than once. And now my curtain rods are all bent and bowed and curvy where the kids have pulled on them. We've had to screw the rods in a million times over and now we have attractive holes surrounding the curtain rods, reminders for all of us of all the places where the curtain rods once lived. (And by the way, this is on my last nerve so I'm making today a spackle day.) Anyway, I can't help but take pictures of the kids when they're doing this (this is mommy sending really mixed messages about curtain playing --- wait! don't do that! let me take your picture first! ok, now you can go play somewhere else...) And this is one time when the sun was setting and the light that comes through the front window is always so beautiful, especially when there's a child in it to fall on (of course while playing in the curtains.) So for "no flash" week, I submit the following:

If you wanna see more "no flash" pictures, head on over to i Heart Faces! I absolutely love this photosharing site because I am learning so much about Photoshop and photography. I have all these fun tools but I had no idea how to use them! Well, I only sorta know how to use them now.. but one day I plan to get there.
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  1. He he he! My son does this too!!! They should have a playing in the curtains theme!!!

  2. Thank you!

    What is it with kids and curtains?! Mine do that too! What a cute shot! I love it! He's precious!

  3. Oh so cute - I like the hazy/dreamy effect you captured. And LOL on confusing the kids by telling them not to do something than taking a picture of it! I catch myself frequently saying "Stop doing that! Wait, not yet, let me get a picture of it first!" Poor kids must be so confused!

  4. Wow! I love the atmosphere that you captured here.

    I am so sorry about your son. I hope he is feeling better soon. :(


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