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So I've tried, but I just can't let this week go by without telling you about Putty during Pet Week on i Heart Faces (by the way it's pronouced Putty like Putty Tat as Tweety Bird would say.)

She has kind of an odd face, I know. But that's part of her charm.

When I was living in New York in my teensy tiny studio apartment on 49th street, my friend's sister needed someone to catsit for a couple days while she moved. Three weeks later...

I found that I loved her company. There, but not...minds her own business, comes out to keep me company sometimes, a little purring...the perfect roommate really. And that's all she wrote. I asked if I could just keep her and then Putty became mine. She's this tiny little 6 pound kitty cat who is very dainty (whenever I would try to give her a french fry, she wouldn't eat it unless it were on the floor. On a napkin.) And yes, I figured that out myself.

She's so quiet you'd hardly know she was around. She has a TON of hair when it all grows out, you can hardly find her face. And sometimes, you just find her sitting in the oddest places with this look on her face like, "What?!"

I found her sitting in the high chair once like she was waiting to be served. (I still have no idea how she actually got in it.) What makes it so funny is that she's so not the type to climb into random places. She goes about her business, she actually is not that sociable and absolutely does.not. like being picked up and petted. Which was a hard fact for me to get over since I love to love my pets and pet them and hug them. So finding her in places like a high chair and sitting on the toilet always cracks me up. After I run to grab the camera of course...

Anyway, Putty moved to Utah with me and kept me company, then moved back to sunny Florida with me and met my husband who also has a soft spot in his heart for her. So here's Putty. On the Potty. Because why wouldn't she be.

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