Breaking News!

OK not really, but guess what??? I'm going to be on the local FOX station tonight to promote our fundraiser for the March of Dimes! (OK this is a potpourri post because I am ADD today. I apologize.) So me and the moms from my preemie moms group are putting on a big Guitar Hero competition tomorrow night (Rock Out 4 Babies! And here it is on Facebook)and I am NERVOUS about all of it! I used to work at the FOX station and they are letting me come on their 11 o'clock news to talk about the event. I know everyone, so I have that on my side, but still, I'm nervous! About everything! I'm nervous about being on tv, about whether people will come to our event, about whether we can pull it off without any kinks, and most of all, nervous about whether or not we will raise some money! And I'm nervous about tonight (did I say that already?) and what I will wear (what am I going to wear?????!!!!!) and what I will say (or forget to say in my one minute!)

OK. Breathe.

I'm going to breathe.

And try not to think about it. It will all go ok, right? Right. How could it not, really?

So that's what's going on today and why this post is so late.

And I almost forgot, it is also weigh-in day.. Ok I totally didn't forget. I actually have something good to report and I don't know how or why or when it happened, but somehow, even despite the Easter madness, have managed to lose 2 1/2 pounds. Umm. What????

Jillian, did you do this?

Maybe. Because that's the only thing I've done differently. Except that I did not make it to my other gym appointments (hello, triathlon training, have we met? Because I remember seeing you at some point and even spending quite a bit of time with you, but it seems we just haven't connected these days...) And I will confess, Jillian and I haven't met up in a few days either. *Gasp!* I'm sorry guys. I've slacked. And what does that mean, do my 30 days have to start over? Maybe I should just reset the clock. Anyway, that was a happy surprise this morning and it will be nice too because I am seeing all my old co-workers for the first time in oh, about three years! I'm nervoushappy about that too...

So in the spirit of the Before and After Party, consider today one big "Before", and hopefully, for tomorrow, I will post the "After", if I can find the link to the segment somewhere online and I will post it for all of you to see.

And if you wanna play in the Before and After Party, all you have to do is post a before and after of literally anything (I've been doing it all week...), yourself, your marriage, dead plants, whatever... and then click HERE for the master linky and visit other people who have done it too! The party is going on for a little over a week, it's in honor of my little Poops who was born 6 weeks early and just turned three years old and we're raising money for the March of Dimes! (Click here to sponsor me and you get my "strength, courage, discipline" bracelet!)

Have a happy Wednesday! I'll post the link if I get it!
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  1. congrats on the weight loss!! :)

  2. Wow! Great job on the pounds lost! And I have no clue what we should do if we miss days. I missed 1.67, but for now am just continuing on!

    How exciting to be on the news! I would be a huge nervous mess. You will be great and cheers to your successful fundraiser!

  3. Ooh, what fun, doing the TV thing. Good luck! Great cause getting a huge bump this year in honor of little Maddie (so sad).

    Congrats on your weight loss, too!

  4. WOW! Sounds like you have ALOT going on!! Good luck on the news :) And good luck with your fundraiser. Sounds like a blast!

    I would say that since it's been a few days since you've Shredded that you should probably stick with Level 1 for a few extra days! You want to make sure you master all the exercises before you move on! I've heard that you really need to be good with the push ups for level 2!

    Have a GREAT week!

  5. Good luck with everything!!! How exciting... I wish I could keep my eyes open until 11pm!!! I will have to check back to see if you were able to make the post!!!! Have fun!!!

  6. Congrats on your loss!! This is excellent!

    I'm off shredding for five days because of a stupid upper respiratory infection and it is KILLING me! You can be I can't wait to get back to shredding, but my plan is to start with rest of the girls on level 2 and add a couple of days at the end!


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