Weigh-In Wednesday

Good morning, sisters!

I have zero change to report this week.

I went away for the weekend for a girls beach weekend, but I didn't slack off. No siree. One of the girls I was with was my sister-in-law who is a fitness freak (I should post the picture I took of her bicep here) and she put us through a Cross Fit workout on the beach, which felt good at the time and I was even able to keep up, but literally for two days after my ab muscles felt like they were peeling apart. They are just now starting to feel like maybe, just maybe, I can eek out a couple crunches. Maybe.

I also got in a two mile run and some open-water swimming which taught me that maybe I have some more work to do in the swim portion of the swim-bike-run. It wasn't all bad, I have just always kind of just waded in the ocean prior to this, so swimming with goggles on and being able to see everything under me kind of just freaked me out. I kept expecting to see some large shadow under me with intentions of eating me. I will feel much better on race day when swimming in the ocean consists of just trying not to get kicked in the face because I am quite sure no big shadows are going to wanna be around all that splashing.

Monday I got in a pool swim and Tuesday I did my first "brick" workout which pits two tri workouts back to back to get your body accustomed to what it would be like in the race. For me, it was biking (spin class) immediately followed by running a quick mile so that my legs can get accustomed to going from bike to run. Besides almost puking (I am on a streak of never puking during a workout or a race and I intend to keep it that way!) the whole rest of my body felt good. So I am almost excited!

I am a little annoyed that there has been no change in my weight this week because I feel like my body has been through the wringer. But I feel more hardcore now than ever because I have only six weeks left to train. I am trying to completely submerge myself in it and concentrate. I don't even just want to "get in" the workouts anymore, every time I go I want to push myself as hard as I can. Every time I do this and see what I am capable of, it pushes me more. I thought running a mile after spinning for 45 minutes until my legs were on fire was going to be hard, but I did it and it felt good! Mini-breakthrough for me! I need more of this in my life and it is quickly becoming an addiction!

I hope over the next week my body will start to melt away the excess. One can only hope.
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  1. Here's to the melting! It's nearly summer, after all...

    Way to go on your workouts! I've been struggling to fit anything in my schedule (excuses, excuses), though I did get a round through the weight room circuit at the Y in last week when my girlie begged to play at the child care there after tumbling class. I felt it for two days afterwards.

  2. wow! truely inspirational!! now if I could just make myself shred daily w/o phoning it in, I'd feel a lot better about myself! :)

  3. sounds like you're really pushing yourself! :) its bound to pay off!

  4. Way to go on the training! I'm not losing anything either, but I think if I stopped chugging handfuls of nuts in the afternoons, I could likely turn it around. *sigh*...

    Bricks do get easier! I don't know if the open ocean swimming gets easier. (I'm grateful that my swim will be in a lake!) I know I always had this little niggle of anxiety in the back of my mind when I'd go snorkeling in Hawaii, even when being totally overwhelmed with the beauty of it. Is the water there clear? How far can you see?

  5. I kind of felt the same way hiking over the weekend. When we started up the mountain, and the first half mile was straight up, I thought there was no way I was going to make it the whole 4.4 miles! But I did and not only that, but I kept up with everyone!

    I'm sorry you're not seeing any change in your weight. Mind if I ask a question (I hope I haven't already asked this), but are you eating enough? Keep up the good work! I'm in awe of your training!

  6. You are working so hard and so excited. I am very proud of your Triathlon training. No matter when you finish you have done so much already.


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