The White Bat Miracle

Hello, three for three, how are you?

I haven't seen you, Mr. Three-for-three, since oh, before Christmas. (Where you been??)

Turns out I'm making friends with a white bat this season. I've always been put off by white bats. I don't know why. It's kind of a weird thing I have. But I figured I was in such a slump I might as well give 'er a whirl anyway. Certainly couldn't hurt.

And woot! A hit! Thank you, white bat, thank you. But this must be a farce. You can't possibly be this great.

Another hit.

Wow! Hey, we're on a roll here, white bat, you're pretty cool. Very impressive. I'm liking you, I think, very much.

What? Another hit, you say? Three????? (In one game???) My batting average thanks you very much.

Wish we'd have met sooner.
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  1. Way to go, Christie O.!!! I know you'd been feeling frustrated about that lately. Yay, white bat!

    How's the tri training going? I don't have a particular plan I'm following yet, but I'm doing one spin class (followed by a 1 mile jog on the treadmill), one run, and one swim per week for now. Since my event isn't until September, I'll likely start a more formal training plan during the summer.

  2. very cool! least adults can use white bats. they are prohibidado (word taken from a movie) in little league.

  3. Whatever works, right? I don't think any color bat would help me.


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