I am Not a Poncho People

I'm not a poncho person.

It's ok if you are, I will try not to judge.

I discovered that I wasn't a poncho person this week, even though I have had an inkling for a while that I'm not a poncho person.

But it was confirmed this week when when I went to the Paramore concert. I love Paramore. Love love love Paramore. If I were a rockstar, it would be in a band like Paramore. They opened up for No Doubt and because the concert was at an outdoor venue and it is really hard to get to and one has to navigate the downtown traffic and then sit in the traffic for the outdoor theater itself, I left really really early. I left two hours early and it took me an hour and a half to get there.

I was meeting my girlfriend at the theater because she was coming from an entirely different direction. And of course, when I got there, it was raining.

Not raining. Torrential downpouring. Sideways rain.

And there I was, sitting by myself, in my minivan, which I always feel funny driving to concerts by the way. (I made my friend drive to the Pearl Jam concert last summer because I just couldn't bring myself to drive the minivan to Pearl Jam.)

So I'm sitting in the rain weighing my options carefully. I did have an umbrella, but was it going to be useless against the sideways rain? Likely. Was there going to be a break in the rain? Not likely.

I decided that being drenched in an outdoor stadium with a beer would be better than sitting in my minivan in the parking lot, all by myself.

So I made a run for it. And of course that's when the lightning started.

So now it wasn't raining, it was storming.


So I'm running the mile from the parking lot to the stadium in the sideways rain and my umbrella is turning inside out and my pants are drenched from the knees down and I am a vision.

And I am crashing through puddles that are way deeper than they appeared and a girl is walking by me in the rain crying (????) and there are some people still sitting in their cars, some people running without umbrellas, some people running with useless umbrellas (like me) and some people running in ponchos.

And the poncho people are wet too.

So I really don't see the point. Have we all become too good for the rain? Are you going to really be that much less wet if you wear a poncho?
I was there. And I say no.
It's like the people who wear ponchos on the water rides. I don't get it.

I think it's just that I am not a poncho person. If it's going to pour or if I am going to choose to ride on a circular boat in which the sole purpose of the ride is to get me wet, I'm going to be one with it.

And if it's going to rain/pour/storm at an outdoor concert venue, I'm going to be one with that too. No, it doesn't make me a better person. But I feel like the poncho does make a statement. I feel like it is sitting there, laughing at me, mocking me, saying, "Haha! You're wet! I'm not! And even if I am, I tried not to be! Nanny nanny foo foo!"

So the poncho isn't for me. I don't mean to poke the inner lion of the poncho people, but I just don't agree with it. Mostly on principal.

Unless I were wearing a wedding dress or a very expensive gown or, like my husband says, if we were in our 60s or later, with very low immune systems, and getting wet could mean eventually developing pneumonia and the possibility of dying. Until then, I will remain poncho-free.

That's just my opinion.
By the way, my friend didn't get there until 9! So it was just me and my beer. But it wasn't so bad. Paramore rocked.

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  1. Oh the lovely rain, so funny about poncho no poncho, honestly I don't think I've ever worn one. I do think it helps keep your shirt dry right? Glad you enjoyed the concert, wet and all.

  2. OH I am so jealous! Paramore? I wish I went with you, I would even drive so we wouldn't be seen going to the concert in a minivan. Tell me you don't have a MOMS Club sticker on it? ;o)


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