Oops! Your Playlist is Showing!

Something funny happened at spin class last weekend.

The spin class instructor's I-Pod busted, he was stuck with a CD that kept on skipping, and finally he called out a plea for help.

He was requesting to use someone's I-Pod for class.

Now most people just kind of looked around to see if there were any takers (I imagine they were too afraid to expose themselves in this manner) but one very eager woman was more than excited to share her tunes with the rest of the class.

I thought, wow! That lady's brave!

And you could tell she thought it was no big deal. That is, until he started playing it.

Because I realized how funny and how personal an I-Pod playlist really is. Because it's ours. It's custom made. With songs that inspire us, that make us rock out, that soothe us...

And then there are the guilty pleasures. You know, the ones you love but don't wanna get caught listening to.

The "Hit Me Baby One More Time". The "Mr. Roboto." The "Chariots of Fire". The occasional "Boot Scootin' Boogie".

Not that there's anything wrong with that. But you have to admit it's funny if you're listening to your husband's playlist and a little Speedwagon comes on...

Knowing that secretly, he's belting it out alone in the car "I can't fight this feeling anymorrrrre!"

Oh sure, he turns to you and says, "How did that get on there! I hate that song!" Because now he's exposing his soft little underbelly. And dudes don't like to do that.

So all of a sudden, I could see this realization wash over her.

Oh no. What have I done.

Because as each song would end, she'd put her towel over her head as she wondered, "Egad, what's going to come on next!"

And people can be very judgemental.

With each song that came on, she looked around, sheepishly peeking out from under the towel, waiting for the collective class approval and breathing a sigh of relief when it was greeted with acceptance and something crazy didn't come on.

Because you know your playlists. Kind of. But then you second guess yourself and wonder with each song if you actually remember what is on them.

And if he puts it on shuffle, there could definitely be trouble. What would pop up? What would start playing that would send the class into a secret snicker?

Oh yes, I could see the stress on her face for the entire hour.

Poor girl.

I know one thing. Putting your entire I-Pod playlist out there for all to see is kind of like showing your undies by accident. It can be a little embarrassing, people judge you for it (did you wear your underroos or your lacy thongs?), but in the end, it pretty much happens to everyone.

So I have the Titanic soundtrack on mine. Sue me. And maybe the Cars soundtrack too. And a little Britney and Christina.

(And maybe that song "Peanut Butter Jelly Time! Peanut Butter Jelly Time!"... And maybe even the song, "Honkey Tonk Ba Donk-a-Donk". As in ... She's got a Honky Tonk -- Ba DonkaDonk!)

(some styx. some starship.) Then there's the Metallica and the Killers and Green Days. I like to rock out. And tribal and yoga music. It calms me.

I like to call my mixes eclectic.

What about you? What's your guilty playlist pleasure?

Go ahead! I won't tell...

* * *
The winner of the purple Bead for Life necklace is commenter #2 according to Mr. Random, who is Lissa at Whooo's That Girl! Congrats!! E-mail headed up now!

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  1. That's hilarious! I don't think I could have been as brave. One of the good things about "outing" your playlist, though, is that some of the songs could inspire others who would have otherwise not chosen them or might have forgotten them (uh, some long lost Michael Jackson songs come to mind).

    PS. Did you enjoy her playlist, did it keep you going, have you taken one of her songs and added it to your list?

  2. That is very true! I've actually gotten a few really good songs from my spin teacher (hum hallelujah from fall out boy is one of them!) but the lady's playlist since it was a workout list had a lot of my same songs on it, so it turns out we had the same taste!

  3. Oh yeah, winner, winner baby! ;o) So excited!

    I have some very odd stuff on my playlist too. I have from Metallica to Phantom of the Opera, Dolly Parton to 311 -and everything in between. Hair bands, Enya, you name it. ;o) My husband is positively embarrassed by some of my songs. Hah!

  4. Oh no. Poor woman. I'm very, very BORING. I listen to audiobooks and podcasts a lot! But I will say, my favorite CD ever is Jennifer Nettles' (from Sugarland)solo stuff! Oh, and I may or may not have The Jets Greatest Hits on my ipod. :o)

  5. My music some Journey righ next to Bubba sparks who's music is next to the Paramore, who comes after some Disco hits.


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