The Colors of Prince

We love our music around here.

It's not unusual for me to belt it out in the car. I always think I'm pretty good, too, until recently when I got my first, "Shhhh!" from my three-year-old who also happened to be covering his ears. But most times I picture myself auditioning in front of the judges on American Idol. I, of course, think I'm awesome, though I'm pretty sure if I watched the audition back on tv with my friends and family, I would be that girl who thought she was fabbbbbulous while Randy was snickering behind a piece of paper.

But I don't care. I also do karaoke with reckless abandon and I think I'm pretty good there too. I may have "ear goggles" but I don't care. I can sing a mean Love Shack and Four Non-Blondes.

Anyhoo. You can imagine my squeeee when the kids started dancing and moving their groove thang. For my one-year-old it was literally right out of the womb, but my three-year-old took a little longer to warm up to it. I guess he needed to shake his little three-year-old inhibitions or something, but now they're gone and he's out there and loving every minute of it!

He didn't even really like to sing songs until recently come to think of it.

But now that he's in on the act, we're a three-man show most afternoons. I've moved my I-Pod and speakers to the living room so we can bust a move and ever since we've been having our dance and sing-offs, my three-year-old has taken a liking to a particular artist.

The one formerly known as but now is known again as Prince.

Which I think is kind of funny. His favorite song is Raspberry Beret. Lately it's coming on all our radio stations all the time. One afternoon I even thought to myself, hmmm. I wonder if Raspberry Beret is on. And I turned the station and it was! What are the chances???!! Isn't it so weird when you do that???

From the back seat, I hear, "RAPPBERRRY BUHRAY!"

And I see a very excited three-year-old dancing around in his carseat from my rearview mirror.

What I've come to learn about Prince (and this is only through hearing him through a three-year-old's ears), is that Prince really really likes to sing about colors. Never would have thought about that before. In fact, Prince is perfect for learning colors!

Examples as follows:
-Raspberry Beret (The raspberry color looks like the fruit! It is almost purple but with some pink and red in it too!)
-Purple Rain
-Little RED Corvette - a love for the color red and cars all in one! It's a win-win!


Nevermind what it all means, we're not going there yet and he's not asking questions yet so I'm not talking. Raspberry Beret isn't all that bad, but Little Red Corvette.. eh. I'd have some 'splaining to do. Just like when I bought that children's cd for the car with all the so-called classics on it that I hadn't heard in forever and realized there was a woman chopping mouse-tails off with a carving knife (Three Blind Mice). Oh the things we used to sing!

Oh well. Before you revoke my Mom of the Year Award, we do sing lots of cool easy kid favorites too, like Itsy Bitsy Spider and Barney and Twinkle Twinkle. But they sure don't get the juices flowing like a good Raspberry Beret!
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