iheartfaces: Nostalgia

We had a candy picnic today.

Actually, they had a candy picnic, and I just took pictures of it. The theme this week at iheartfaces is "Nostalgia" and of course, what makes me nostalgic like dot candies on the paper, the kind where you eat half paper, half candy, and candy necklaces and ring pops!

Probably my favorite thing about having children is having fun with them and introducing them to things that I loved as a child. Today, I was having a fun photoshoot at the park, but to them, they were having a candy picnic, dubbed so by my three-year-old and that was probably the best part of it.

I did also get a "Gank you Mommy, Gank you!!"

And then we promptly came home and had vegetables. OK I lie, we picked up Mickey D's on the way home and it was a terrible eating day for me and the children and they bounced off the walls quite literally, but hey, it was a great time and I am pretty sure they'll remember raising their little candy rings with me and yelling, "Cheers!"

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