Mantra Monday: Play Nice

Mantra Monday

A whole Monday has gone by and I'm just now getting around to the Mantra part.

I hadn't thought it was going to be a busy day, but with the start of Poops' school (orientation today), the gym, and our candy picnic (pictures to come for this week's I Heart Faces), time just got away.

So I'm multi-tasking and typing away as I make Maggie's Chicken Piccata for dinner, which is the yummies.thing.ever. From Maggie over at Maggie's Mind, by the way.

Onto the Mantra.

Ever wonder what it is about home improvement that brings out the ugly in people? I spent the weekend doing bits of home improving, but honestly the more we did, the more there was left. Is that the physics rule of home improvement? Or does Home Depot have something to do with that? Is it a conspiracy?

A few weeks ago we had a garage sale. For two weeks leading up to that, I spent day after day sorting through clothes, going through bins, cleaning out all the closets and purging our junk. It looked great. For about a day.

Now it is back to ridiculous, despite the crap we've removed. Also, the projects we put on hold seem to be out in the open, waving their hands, yelling, "Oooh OOh! Pick me!"

It is like they've doubled. Or tripled. And I like home improvement but I am totally fricken' overwhelmed! Paint the laundry room. Caulk the tub. Fix the closet door. Fix the popcorn ceiling (yes I know, popcorn.) where the skylight leaked. Start working on the bathroom renovation. Call to get drywall fixed in a couple of places. The list is long and exhausting. And there is so so much more.

So when I got overwhelmed, I *ahem* got a little ugly.

It was like I was some guntoting gunslinger in a duel in the middle of town and my pistol was my nastiness and I just fired off my nasty words hitting anyone who got in the way. Bada bam! Bada boom! And here's another one, bada bam! Bam!


And then I shamefully sluffed off to Target to spend a bazillion dollars on stuff we really really needed. Some people eat. I buy.

Anyway, I'm not proud of it. I took it out on some innocent bystanders, i.e. husband. Who is equally as annoyed and time constrained for said projects.

I have since apologized. I don't like to get ugly. I don't like it when my lists get the better of me. So I will spend the week as I go from task to task repeating to myself, "Please play nice. Please play nice. Even if the monster list triples as you work. Play nice. Play nice Play nice."

Next stop, laundry room. You're so lucky too, you'll get to see some of the horrendousness that is my laundry room. I can't wait to finish it. It might make me like laundry. Yeah right.

* * *

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