My Home is a Black Hole

Things are disappearing around here and I have no idea from whence they've gone.

Sadly, they are all items I have recently spotted and thought I really should move that. And then didn't. And now I can't find them at all. Why do I do that?

So I started this list as a diversion from my searching. I got sick of searching and then got sick of the fact that I'm always searching and then started the list. But then I started to find things so there are updates on some. Because I know you care about where I found them of course.

List as follows:

-MY IPOD!!!!! DoyouhaveanyideawhatIamlikewithoutmyIPod!?!? It is gone. It was in my armband and now they are both gone. I wore it on a run the other day, took it off to shower and now I can't find it anywhere. I need it. I need it I need it. That is all.

*Update* recovered. Only took two entire days of searching through toy bins, drawers, under couches, beds, toilets, changing tables, etc etc. Found in a heap of other sports stuff that husband grabbed off the counter and put in garage. Whew. Tragedy averted.

-Husband's phone charger. Can I just tell you that phone chargers are like socks around here? I can't say for sure exactly how many I've purchased only to have them turn up later when I have eventually moved on and gotten a new phone and now I'm left with a hundred chargers, car and regular, for phones I no longer have. And the ones for the phones we currently have are now missing. Is this a joke?

*Update* recovered. Only took 3 entire days of searching through desk, bedside tables, the black hole/slash/ether of a kitchen countertop and junk drawer. Found in a bin where wife (me) got sick of looking at pile on kitchen countertop and shoved it all in said bin for going through at a later date. Which has not yet arrived.

-Hair ties. I just bought a new pack of like a kajillion because the kajillion for the pack I just bought are all missing. I don't understand. I will buy another pack of a hundred in two weeks because these will be gone.

-My lipsticks. I use Cover Girl, ya know, the one that doesn't kiss off? Found it for my wedding (in the great search for the best lipstick of '05 and indeed, this IS the best one.) Wine to Five is my color. If I have the color part, I can't find the gloss part. If I find the gloss part, I can't find the color part. Very often I can't find either. I thought I found the answer by buying 5 pairs to keep in all the places I might need them (purse, diaper bag, wallet, gym bag) and now none of them are there. None. So I bought one yesterday, hoping I can remember where I put just that one.

-Yes, of course, socks. And not just mine. I actually found a giant gathering of them in my softball bag. I forget that I take my socks and cleats off before I drive home and then do the same thing after the next game, then the next. I had exactly two seasons worth of Monday night game socks in my bag last week before my husband intervened. (Yes, I'm a catch.) Anyhoo, my sons' socks. How many packs have I bought in the past month? Three. Three packs of 10. I have exactly one pack left. Something's going on here. I'll blame the washer and dryer. And ps. the new ones are coming this weekend. I can't wait to post about it. WOOT WOOT WOOT!

-The Wii Remote. We have two but have only been able to locate one. This is exactly one of the items for which I remember seeing in an odd place and thinking, I should put this where it belongs or it could be lost! Yes, I actually took the time out of my busy day to think that, but yet, still did not actually take the time to move it. My husband used it as an excuse, by the way, to not try the EA Sports Action thing for the Wii that I'm doing for the Sisterhood. He was all ready to, but conveniently couldn't find the remote, gave up and logged onto the internet.

I think I need to reorganize or something. I am quite sure the new washer and dryer will help me with all of this.

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