I saw this on Twitter. The Laundry Fold 'N Hold.

It's been in my mind ever since.

Please go see it and come back. I beg you. Even if it's just for a second.

First of all, I hate folding laundry. I'd rather clean toilets. This is not a secret here, nor is it a secret amongst my household.

I dreamt of a pair of front loaders once, fully believing this would make me change my foldin-hatin ways.

And then we actually got some. I redid my entire laundry room. Painted. Put up a neat little folding table that I got for $30 from Ikea (best invention ever and so not for laundry folding but whatever!)

And for a few solid minutes, I did enjoy laundry. I enjoyed pushing the cute little buttons and hearing the song that my shiny ruby red front-loaders sing when they start and they stop. My husband can be heard whistling it from time to time.

Our entire house stops and pauses to hear the little chime play and we bask in its cuteness, look at each other, smile, and continue on with our day. Oh, how I wish I could play it for you right here. (Heck, maybe I'll do a laundry-folding Vlog, won't that be exciting!)

And for a good week, I used the little fold-out table and I folded my laundry like Super Folder in exactly 2 minutes and 30 seconds, oh yes! It was all that convenient. I should have been wearing a cape and a leotard with a big SF on my front.

And then it stopped. The dream died. I was asked to turn in my cape.

The laundry would go into the washer and dryer but remain unfolded in heaps and my husband would walk by my basket of clothes like Raymond passed by the suitcase in that one episode of Everybody Loves Raymond and count how many days it sat there. Eventually, like in my pre-frontloader days, it would recycle itself. The clean clothes would become dirty because the dirty would go on top of the clean and I'd forget which ones were clean and which ones were dirty and honestly it would all just become "dirty by association" anyway.

And I was put in laundry-folding timeout.

I deserved it. I'm ashamed.

I wish I were the overachieving, suck-it-up-and-fold-it type-of mom but I'm just not. There are so many other things to do! You take for granted that the wash is in, it's doing its own thing, and while it's doing its own thing, you can do other things! You put all the laundry in, you transfer it to the dryer, it goes in the basket, you repeat and repeat until it's all washed and by then you've been doing all that "other" stuff all day, things that did not allow you to keep up with the folding of each load upon its exit from the dryer, and then, yada yada yada, you're beat, it's 8 p.m. and there's a huge wrinkled pile yelling at you. For a few days. Maybe a week. Who knows.

I am trying to change. If there were a 12-step program for non-laundry-folders, I would join. Truly. I would probably be on that step where you apologize to everyone you hurt along the way by now, too.

But I've got a new policy. If I can't find the time to fold it, I won't even put it in the washer.

But this is a slippery slope too, because before I know it there could very well just be piles of dirty clothes everywhere instead of clean ones. And which one's better? Probably the clean because then I'm only half a slob.

Anyway, so when I saw this video, it was like the Laundry Gods were looking down upon me and striking me with their laundry-folding lightning bolt. I really took it to heart! They were talking to me.

And honestly, it was just plain old hilarious. I'm all for the squeezing in the fitness; I may or may not have been seen doing squats and lunges in the shower while waiting for my conditioner to work, doing pushups over the baby to make him laugh, situps with the baby on my tummy, step-ups on our living room step (or time-out step depending on who you ask), doing laps around the house with the boys, ya know, any little extra calorie burn helps.

But when I saw the Laundry Fold 'N Hold, well, I just about lost it!

No, I haven't tried it yet. But there is plent of laundry that needs to be done right now and there is one at this moment that needs to be folded (I promise, I'll fold it today, I promise! It's a small one!) you can be sure I'll try just about anything to try and actually like folding laundry. Besides, if I must do it anyway, I may as well make it fun and save my marriage at the same time! Win-win!


What is it about folding laundry anyway?
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