Rescue 911: Curious George Edition

The boy's a champ.

Runs for the potty, barfs up a lung and hops onto his motorcycle and zooms around the house like nothing even happened.

He's been doing this for almost a week now, and though it does appear to be getting better, we're staying home again today just in case (and yes, husband has saved the day and is taking a 1/2 day so I can go to the NICU baby shower, how awesome is he?! Love! More on that later...)

Meantime, I give you an episode of Rescue 911 at our house. (When you're indoors for a long time consecutively, these are the things you do.) (Ps. did you know my three-year-old was a firefighter?)

911: 911, what's your emergency?

Caller: Fend guck!
911: I'm sorry, I can't understand you. 'Friend guck?' Can you speak clearly? I can't understand you, sir.
Caller: FEND GUCK!
911: I still can't understand you, sir, can you speak into the phone?
911: Standby sir, I'm getting our Supervising Baby Translator on the line with us to help me understand what you're saying.

911 Baby Translator: Sir, what's your emergency?

911 Baby Translator: OK, you say you have a "Friend stuck?" Can you confirm that for me please?
Caller: Es. Guck. Fend guck.
911 Baby Translator: OK, where is your friend located, sir?
Caller: Imbed. (Urgent wailing now.)
911 Baby Translator: OK sir, try to remain calm. You say he's stuck in the bed? We are sending units out to help you. Please stay calm and stay on the line.
Caller: (Inaudible.)
911 Baby Translator: Sir what are you doing now? Is your friend responsive?
Caller: No. Fend OUT. Fend OUT!
911 Baby Translator: Sir, please DO NOT try to remove your friend by yourself. We have units enroute. If you move your friend, it could result in further injury. PLEASE DO NOT MOVE HIM.
Caller: (Wailing).
911 Baby Translator: OK our units are arriving. Please stand by while our units assist your friend. Please remain calm.
911 Baby Translator: Sir?
Caller: (grunt)
911 Baby Translator: OK, sir, I am told that the responding units will be using the jaws of life, so please remain calm, everything will be ok. Are you there?
Caller: (silence.)
Caller: (more silence)
911 Baby Translator: Sir?
911 Baby Translator: Sounds like your friend is out and everything's going to be ok! Sir? Sir? Anyone there?


Yep, and, that was that. Oh how they move on quickly. I wonder how George is doing. Think I should send flowers?

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