Holiday Favorites

We had the funnest holiday this year.

And I know "funnest" isn't a word but I love it anyway.

Some of my favorite things are as follows:

"Santa" comes to visit my parents' house every year and he gets so hot in his suit that his glasses fog up.


I bought my mom a coffee urn for Christmas because she always entertains and either uses a zillion coffee caraffs or uses someone else's coffee urn, when really she should just have her own. Within 5 minutes of using it, it fell off a table and the 40 cups of fresh-brewed coffee spilled onto the floor as well as my 6' 4'' Marine brother-in-law. He's ok. The carpet is not.

My children are currently undergoing "candy detox."


We have a toy "situation" going on over here. Santa did not consider the amount of space in our house when delivering his sleigh-full of toys. In fact, I think there are millions of boys and girls crying because their toys fell out of the sky and into our house. I also think Santa got carried away because he was excited that the kids actually "get" Christmas this year and so Santa was excited to hear about the joy he would bring them. I think I might send a note to Santa about not getting too carried away next year. I'd take a picture of the carnage but I think Santa's ashamed.

Some elves came to visit us this year from Elves From Catie and I just wanted to post the link. It's like Elf on a Shelf except that the kids get to play with these elves and these Elves get into a lot of trouble at night (i.e. toilet papering the living room, making popcorn and having movie night and having snowball fights with marshmallows!) The cost of the elves goes to a good cause, too. It's very cute.


I highly recommend the Elf and Book Bundle, it comes with the letter about how the Elves got finished early and got to go on vacation at your house until Christmas eve. It's really really cool. Our kids had so much fun with our elves and they can't wait till the come back next year!

My youngest gave Santa the stink-eye.


Then he hated the other Santa. There was no other way to describe that. Yet we kept taking pictures. Isn't that terrible?


There were actually lots of other favorites, like the fact that we go get fireworks and shoot them off after dinner every year and there's always at least one scare. This year, a rampant firework flew off into the neighbor's eaves, bounced out and went into a tree. Thank goodness it rained earlier in the day.

I went half the day before I realized I had my pants on backwards.

I'm sure there's more, but I probably should just stop at the pants.
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