Weigh-In Wednesday: Shrinkaversary Finale

It's Weigh-In Wednesday at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans (and if you haven't joined yet, did you know we're starting a new fitness/weightloss challenge December 30th? It's gonna be so much fun! So if you want motivation, sisterhood, and an amazing support network just in time for the new year, you oughtta come join us! We're changing bodies one pair of pants at a time!)

Well this little challenge was quite a challenge for me. I maintained, mostly, throughout. That's the good news. I worked out some but not as much as I did when I was training for something. And like in all things that are cyclical, when I worked out less, I ate worse. When I ate worse, I worked out even less. So now you don't have to do that research, I did it for you!

I know, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. When I felt myself slipping, though, I did get back into working out and I always eat better when I work out. So if I was up a pound, it was gone as soon as it was on. And right now, it's on! I'm up a pound from last week.

Since I'm kind of freaking out about getting back into a poor pattern, I'm really working hard on talking myself into staying into my workout regimen as much as possible, which is hard especially during this time of year when there is soo much other stuff to do that I find myself thinking, "Hmmm. I could really get some shopping done by myself instead of going to the gym..." Because I could. I reallllly could. I could get some serious shopping done.

But on the flip side, that window is probably one of my only windows where I can just have some me-time. I can put on my IPod and shut out the world in my (mostly empty) gym.

Which means I swam today in a silent empty pool. And it was nice. I also swam longer than I ever have. I swam my first mile. I was like the tortoise and it was the equivalent of slower than a 15-minute mile in running, I was that slow, but whatever, right? In fact, I googled how fast a 1500m swim should take and I got three answers: the Olympian (14 minutes) and the pretty good swimmer (20-25 minutes) and then people like me (40-45 minutes). One of the answers was a Wiki answer in which someone answered the question, then on the end said, (and I'm totally paraphrasing here) be glad you swam a freakin mile.

HAHAHA! So I'm going with that answer.

The final tally:
Weight: up 1/2 lb for the challenge (Darn. But not so bad as my pants still fit! There is something to this accountability thing. In my former life, I'd have been off the wagon completely by now.)
Mileage: I've run/biked 52 miles for the challenge. However, I did not log my spin class miles (have no idea how many) so that would bump me up a bit.
Non-scale victories: Beat both my personal best times in the 5k and the 10k, ran my 5k in 29 minutes (YAY!!) and the 10k in 60 minutes exactly!! (Husband beat me by 40 seconds and came in under an hour, woot!!) My mile pace has gone into the 9:30 range (HOLY CRAP!) Also, today I swam my first mile! (I mentioned that I know, but I'm pretty proud of it.)

Lots of NSVs and those DO count. So what are yours?? And how did you do??

That's all, sisters! New challenge at the Sisterhood on December 30, so take this time to prepare yourself and get your head in the game so you can start the year off right!! And that's when I'm really gettin moving, got that crazy triathlon in April, so I'm moving full steam ahead!
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