Rethink Your Shrink, The Monday Project

Yes I do. For this week's Monday Project, I challenged us at the Sisterhood to come up with 5 ways that we rock.

I was actually surprised at how hard this was. I must've looked at the computer screen for 20 minutes before I actually started typing something. And even then, I deleted and typed and deleted again. But thankfully I was able to come up with something, and mine are here. And I'm going to follow Brooke's lead here, and ask you, whether or not you're a sister at Shrinking Jeans or not, to tell me, how do you rock?

Go ahead, toot your own horn! Because you rock. You know you do.
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  1. hmmmmmm wow this is hard!!

    I ROCK b/c I work w/in child care & can do it w/a headache.

    I ROCK the water this week :)

    I ROCK b/c I have lost the martyr in me (most days)

  2. I ROCK because I recently had twins and broke my foot and spent the last few months at home taking care of all 3 of my children (oh yeah, did I forget to mention my toddler?) while my broken foot healed...without having a mental break down (ok I had one or two but they were minor!) I think I handled it pretty well actually!


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